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About Hof

Hof, located near the Czech border, is in the state of Bavaria, south of Germany. According to last census, a population of nearly  45.000 people lives in the city. Located in a wonderful natural environment, the city is also known for its two unique local delicacies. One of these is a food called ‘Schnitz’, a kind of hotpot people eat by dipping it in various sauces. The other one is the delicious sausages sold on the streets. Also, a very strong kind of beer, Schlappenbier, is very popular in the city. Because of the city’s proximity to the Czech border, you can find and try different tastes from the Czech cuisine.

Hof’s historical city centre is very colorful and flamboyant. Theater Hof is one of the places that is worth visiting in this city of culture and art. The theatre, in which various plays and shows are staged throughout the year, attracts art-lovers from towns and cities in the vicinity. Hof International Film Festival, hosted in the city, brings cineastes from different regions of the country together. This festival is gradually having a more important place in the country’s culture and art life, and has become one of the most important determinants of the trends in this field today.

Hof’s weather temperature is usually a few degrees lower during the year when compared to the other cities of the region. It is also known as the ‘Bavarian Siberia’ for this reason. You should bring thick clothes that protects from cold with you as a precaution for the cold nights, no matter in which season you visit. In Hof, temperature drops below zero during the winter, and it is usually around 14-15 degrees in the summer.