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About Neubrandenburg

Neubrandenburg, which is located in the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state of Germany, means "New Brandenburg". According to the latest figures, about 64 thousand people live in the city which has established near the lake Tollensesee. Situated in the north-east of the country, the city is also one of the three largest cities in the region. The city also has a reputation as one of the most important centers of the buildings which had been built in a style of architecture known as "Backsteingotik". This style of architecture used in the structures built in northern European countries has also been a source of inspiration for many a number of buildings that evoke admiration.

The city walls built in Neubrandenburg in the 14th and 15th centuries are one of the most important works of art that attracts the domestic and foreign tourists visiting the city. In addition to these walls in the city, St. Mary's Church which attracts attention with its historic structure and engravings, the coast of Lake Tollensesee and the gateways such as Stargarder and Friedland stand out among the places and structures that should be seen.

Besides all these, Neubrandenburg has a completely different reputation as a sporting city. The athletes who have been trained in the city have gotten numerous degrees and medals in international sporting organizations. You can travel the city almost all year-round; however, if you prefer to visit Neubrandenburg in the summer months, you can travel around the city much more comfortably. Temperatures can reach extremely low levels during the winter months and the visitors, who will visit the city during this time, are advised to take their warm clothes with them.

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