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Last Update: May 25, 2018

Please read the provisions written below in order to use this web site (Hereinafter called the "WEBSITE"). When you buy anything from the WEBSITE including flight tickets and insurance policy, you declare and undertake that you are older than eighteen (18) and your usage of the WEBSITE for such reasons does not violate any laws. Please stop using the WEBSITE if you don't accept the Web Site's Terms of Use by reading the Terms of Use given on this page when you do not purchase anything and by clicking the box written "I agree the Terms of Use" before said purchase. If you continue to use the WEBSITE, it shall be considered as these provisions are accepted by you.


1.1. The owner of the WEBSITE is Enuygun Com İnternet Bilgi Hizmetleri Teknoloji ve Ticaret A.Ş. residing at the address of İçerenköy Mah. Umut Sk. No:10-12/55 34752 Ataşehir İstanbul and its affiliates (hereinafter shortly called as "") and all the comparison and travel services offered on the WEBSITE are given by or 3rd party companies. The owner of the WEBSITE reserves the rights to change the information, forms, content given or that will be given on the WEBSITE and the terms of use of the WEBSITE at any time.

1.2. The persons using the services given on this WEBSITE (Hereinafter called the "USERS") for free or by paying a price or real persons or legal entities gaining access to the WEBSITE by anyway whatsoever shall be deemed to accept the terms of use given below. can change this Terms of Use at any time. These changes shall be published on the WEBSITE periodically and be effective as of the date of publication. Any changes of this Terms of Use made by shall be considered to be accepted beforehand by any real persons or legal entities using the services of the WEBSITE and gaining access to the WEBSITE.

1.3. This Terms of Use is also an indivisible part of any agreement that is made or that will be made between the USERS benefit from WEBSITE's services and its partners.

1.4. As explained below, all the transactions for flight tickets via the WEBSITE are carried out by which is an A class TÜRSAB (Association of Turkish Travel Agencies) agency, or by Akdeniz Petur Turizm Seyahat Tic. Ltd. Şti.; and all insurance policy purchase transactions are carried out by Enuygun SigortaAcenteliği Limited Şirketi.

1.5. The owner of the WEBSITE reserves the right to additionally charge for the content and service it provides and/or gain profits from the tools such as commission, advertising sponsorship of the WEBSITE.


2.1. WEBSITE: means the website where various services and content that are provided in the framework identified by and which is available online;

2.2. USER: means the real persons or legal entities online accessing to the WEBSITE;

2.3. LINK: means the links given to the other web sites, files, content from the WEBSITE or given from another web site to the WEBSITE;

2.4. CONTENT: means any information, file, picture, number, price or similar visual, written or audial images published by the WEBSITE and/or other web site or available to access.


3.1., always checks the accuracy and currency of the current information on the WEBSITE given by But despite our reasonable efforts, the information given on the WEBSITE might not be current and actual. It is not implicitly or explicitly guaranteed or undertaken that the currency, accuracy, conditions, quality, performance, saleability, availability for a cause of the information on the WEBSITE and the effects on other information, service or products related or irrelevant to such information including but not limited to that on the WEBSITE or their completeness. Therefore, is completely free to determine which services or CONTENT opened to the access within the WEBSITE will be charged.

3.2. The persons benefit from the services given by or use the WEBSITE can transact on the WEBSITE only personal/corporate objects and in accordance with the law. The USERS shall be responsible for all the legal and criminal liabilities related to the any transaction or actions they made on the WEBSITE. Each USER agrees, declares and undertakes that he shall not do anything that can be constituted as encroach on's and/or any other third party's rights; disclose written, visual or audial information, and he consents any personal written, visual and audial information he gives to the can be used, processed, kept, announced and disclosed and shared with's partner insurance, flight, hotel service providers and other service providers when discloses such information to the said partners and the user shall be responsible any probable damages that may arise from's disclosure of said information. The USER agrees and undertakes that he shall not copy, reproduce, distribute, process the pictures, texts, visual and audial images, video clips, files, data bases, catalogs and lists within the WEBSITE and shall not compere with neither by doing such activities or other direct and/or indirect ways.

3.3., its collaborative persons, the employees and managers of and authorized dealers of shall not be responsible for the services provided and content given by any third parties within the WEBSITE. The accuracy and guarantees of compliance with laws of information, content and visual images provided and published by any third parties are completely under the responsibility of such parties carrying out these activities. does not undertake and guarantee the accuracy and/or compliance with the laws of the services and CONTENT provided by the third parties. Unless explicitly indicated that the service subject to the comparison is given by itself, the USER agrees and undertakes that the services given by are only comparison services, there is no agency service given between the USERS and the service providers for any reasons whatsoever and is not a party for the disputes that may arise.

3.4. The USERS agree and declare that the information and the content provided by the USERS within the WEBSITE are true and legal. has no obligation and liability to search the truth of the information sent to the, uploaded or changed provided by the USERS; undertake and guarantee that such information and content are safe, true and legal.

3.5. The USERS agree and undertake that they shall not perform any activities that can cause unfair competition in accordance with the provisions of Turkish Code of Commerce within the WEBSITE and that can harm the personal and commercial activities and reputation of or the third parties.

3.6. reserves the right to change the services and CONTENT provided within the WEBSITE at any time. can use this right without any notification or giving any time. The USERS must ensure that any content, information, material and data they share on this WEBSITE are true and complete. The WEBSITE is not responsible for any loss including but not limited to the losses arising from false or incomplete information of the USERS. If the WEBSITE detects that this content, information, material or data is not true or complete, it can request change and/or correction of them. The user shall meet such requests immediately. Change and/or correction requests made by can be made by directly if required. Losses, legal and criminal liabilities which arise or can arise from the USERS not performing the change and/or correction requests of, belong to the USERS completely.

3.7. LINKS can be given by to other web sites which are not under the control of and which are owned and administered by other third parties and/or CONTENT and/or files via the WEBSITE. These LINKS are provided only due to frequency easiness and do not constitute any declaration or guarantee about the website or information it contains or support the relevant website or the operator. has no liability for websites, files and CONTENT reached through the LINKS on the WEBSITE and services or products or their CONTENT provided from the websites accessed through these LINKS.

3.8. can use, process, classify on a database and keep the information transmitted by the USERS to itself on the WEBSITE and convert this information into various service packs and service offers appropriate for the interest of the USERS within the terms and conditions of the ''Privacy Policy'' in accordance with the provisions of the agreements made with the USERS and other parties (affiliated companies or 3rd Party service providers of can also use such information as the identity, address, electronic mail address, telephone number, IP adress, visited sections of the WEBSITE, domain type, browser type, date and time of the USER or visitor within the agreements made with the USERS, partners and parties with the aim of statistical evaluation and providing services for the USERS. TR identity number, which the WEBSITE can request from you for various procedures shall not be kept in the WEBSITE if the purchase is not conducted. The USERS accept and guarantee that the risk arising from such information they send belongs to themselves.

3.9. According to Article 20 of the Regulation on Distance Agreements which entered into force within the framework of the 6502 numbered Turkish Law on Consumer Protection, is a company mediating for a distance agreement for seller or provider by using means of distance communication or making them used within the frame of the system it created. Sellers and providers are directly responsible to consumer in providing insurance, transportation, accommodation services and needed information according to the Regulation on Distance Agreements. is responsible for only keeping the conducted transactions for 3 years and giving that information to the relevant institution, organization and consumers if requested.


4.1. General Rules on the Flight Ticket Buying; all reservation, ticket sale, cancellation and change transactions of the tickets bought on are conducted by registered and licensed with the document no of 8821943 in IATA and A-7153 in TÜRSAB, OR Akdeniz Petur Turizm Seyahat Tic. Ltd. Şti. registered and licensed with the register no of 8822861 in IATA and A-1679 in TÜRSAB. Payment regarding ticket sales is received by the relevant companies. In transactions which will be made on within 1618 numbered Turkish Law on Travel Agents and Union of the Travel Agents, and Akdeniz Petur Turizm Seyahat Tic. Ltd. Şti. are authorized. In all ticket buying and reservation procedures on; all rules the relevant airline company apply regarding ticket cancellation information, amounts to deduct in case of a cancellation, returned ticket, reservation changes including ticket prices and transportation rules of the relevant airline company together with the National and International General Flight Rules and Flight Security Rules. The USERS accept that has no liability in such events that the flight is not operated at the provided time, cancelled, postponed to a future time, airline company does not accept a traveler and/or his/her belongings, ticket buyer is not suitable for the flight, validity period of his/her passport is not valid and the traveler has no valid identity document. The USERS accept to have declared that they have read the conditions and accepted the provisions with the approval of the terms of use in every ticket sale and reservation.

4.2. Payment; Online ticket purchasing procedures on the internet can be made only with Visa and Master Card credit cards and with the procedure as follows:
You will be asked to enter the three-digit security code (CVC number) of your credit card during the purchase process for due to security reasons. The security code is composed of three digits coming after the credit card number on the signature section on the reverse side of the behind your credit card. When you approve a purchase, the relevant amount (including tax and other costs) is collected from the credit card used for the payment.
The payment system known as 3D secure is obligatory in all shopping actions USERS do on the WEBSITE. You can obtain the needed information about 3D secure usage from your bank.

4.3. Cancel / Return: For tickets you purchased on, rules on cancellation, return and changes of the airline company you transacted with shall be effective. These rules can vary depending on the airline company concerned. You can get information from the airline companies about these rules. All and any service costs of the ticket you bought shall not be paid under any circumstance. Also, fined return or refusal of the return of the ticket can occur in accordance with the rules of the airline company. Procedures you will make on the internet must be made exactly in accordance with the instructions on internet pages. is not responsible for any fault which can arise from you doing the procedure wrongly and in an accurate way, entering or choosing inaccurate information including but not limited to name, communication information, flight date, flight time and flight class in the online ticket buying procedure with reservation, reservation change, cancellation and returns. Reservations made cannot be transferred to another person and the name cannot be changed.

4.4. USERS are held responsible in the case of incomplete visa or passport related issues, or failure to complete the visa process required by the country the passenger will be traveling to. is not responsible for reminding the passenger to complete these requirements. is not responsible if a USERS departure is obstructed because of such issues, or for personal reasons originating from the passenger (such as tax debts, or lack of transit visas). Therefore USERS must accept full responsibility for and undertake any cancelations or delays that can occur as a result of such issues.

4.5. shows successful sale situation in the flight ticket transaction in its web site and mobile app at the latest stage of the sale flow. Additionally, it sends an e-mail to the registered e-mail address and an SMS to the mobile phone of the traveler to inform him/her of the successful sale. The results page which is showed to the USERS in the purchase stage is required and sufficient for the fact that the ticket sale has been conducted. E-mail and Mobile phone SMS is a free service of Enuygun. Enuygun is not responsible for any access failure of delay in these services in any way.

4.6. Terms on Hotel Comparison: publishes the hotel information it obtains through contracted travel and hotel search websites. The correctness and currency of the hotel information such as reservation status, room prices, etc. are provided by the relevant websites and does not guarantee the correctness and currency of such information. Room reservations made after the hotel comparison procedure on and payments/pricing and other procedures of such reservations are contracted between the travel and/or hotel search website and the USERS. Rules, policies, concepts, service standards, pricing types of the additional prices of the hotels which will be stayed in can be different from the statements. is only a publisher and takes no responsibility for any procedure which will occur after the person is redirected from or in probable disagreements between the travel and/or hotel search website and the USERS, in case of any failure or lack of the service they provide and the USERS acknowledges that cannot be deemed responsible and acts in accordance with that fact. In the event that the accommodation service is purchased, the USERS are expected to follow the laws and visa rules of the country in which they will stay and the general rules, reservation terms and policies of the hotel in which they will stay. can redirect the USERS to such third. Party websites such as and after providing the hotel comparison service and it also provides services which enable the USERS to pay for the hotel reservations on the WEBSITE in hotels providing their services such as Expedia Affiliate Network (EAN). In such cases, the service procedure is solely between the USER and the relevant hotel provider, collection is made by EAN and has no liability regarding these services.


5.1. Information accessible within this WEBSITE or provided by the USERS in accordance with the law and all elements of this WEBSITE (including but not restricted to the resource code, target program, substructure, opinions, algorithms, or any software, document or data connected to them, design, text, image, html code and other codes) (all of them shall be referred to as "Works Subject to the Copyrights of" ) belongs to and/or is licensed from a third party by The USERS shall not have the right to resell, process, share, distribute, exhibit the services of, information of and Works Subject to the Copyrights of or give someone the permission to access or use the services of Within these Terms of Use, except for the cases permitted by explicitly, the USERS cannot copy, process or distribute the Works Subject to the Copyrights of and cannot make or prepare derivative work from them.

5.2. Within these Terms of Use, in the event that does not permit explicitly, reserves all rights regarding the services of, information of, Works Subject to the Copyrights of, trademarks of, trade appearance of or other assets and information it provides via this WEBSITE. By accepting these Terms of Use, you accept not to do reverse engineering, not to transform into resource code, not to decompose or reveal by any other method on the Works Subject to the Copyrights of; not to remove the warning and tags regarding the property from the Works Subject to the Copyrights of, not to modify or translate works reproduced depending on these, not to create these types of works; not to copy, distribute, put in pledge, assign or transfer the Works Subject to the Copyrights of and not to establish any right on them in favor of anyone. If you use the Works Subject to the Copyrights of in any country which is a member of the European Community; prohibitions to modify, translate, do reverse engineering, transform into resource code, decompose and produce derivative works depending on the Services or Software shall not effect your rights within the frame of the regulation applying Directive of the European Community Council on Legal Protection of the Computer Programs. Except for the cases permitted in these Terms of Use, it is prohibited to use any part of the Works Subject to the Copyrights of and any violation of intellectual property rights of third parties can require your legal and penalty liability including compensation of a possible material damage due to violation of the copyrights.


In all cases considered force majeure legally, is not liabile for the late performing or not performing any of these Terms of Use and "Privacy Policy ". This condition and such cases shall not be considered as a delay, non-performance or default by and no compensation liability of shall arise for such cases. The term of "force majeure" shall be referred to the events cannot prevent despite exercising due diligence and which are out of the reasonable control of the relevant party. Additionally, such events as but not limited to natural disaster, riot, strike, war, communication problems, substructure and internet failures, electric cuts, bad air conditions and attacks on the WEBSITE and the system although takes required information security measures are included in the force majeure events.


In the management of the legal relations arising in the application and interpretation of these Terms of Use and within these Terms of Use, in case of an element of foreignness, Turkish Law shall be applicable excluding the Turkish conflict of laws. Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices shall be authorized for settlement of any dispute which arise or can arise due to these Terms of Use.


These Terms of Use shall be valid as of the date when declared by on the WEBSITE. The USERS are deemed to have accepted the provisions of these Terms of Use by using the WEBSITE. can change the provisions of these Terms of Use when desired and these changes shall be valid as of the date when a publication is made on the WEBSITE stating the version number and the date of change.