Terms of Use

Last Update: January 3, 2022

0. Preliminary Remarks

The general terms and conditions ("Wingie GTC") herein apply for the use of the Online Platforms operated under the URL's of,,,,,, and ("Online-Platform") and intermediary service of the flights and other services offered therein.

The annexed regulations are supplementary to the general terms and conditions of Wingie and applicable to the use of our LogiConnect® service.

The Online Platform is operated by Wingie GmbH, resident at Friedrichstr. 171, 10117 Berlin, Germany ("Wingie"). Wingie Company is the associated company (“Partner Company”) of Enuygun Com İnternet Bilgi Hizmetleri Teknoloji ve Ticaret A.Ş., having its headquarters at Kucukbakkalkoy District Kayisdagi Street Allianz Tower 1/16 34750 Atasehir / Istanbul, Turkey ("Enuygun" or "Us"). When booking through the online platform, a travel agency agreement is signed between the relevant user (“You”) and Enuygun.

The following conditions govern both the user relationship between you, as a visitor of the online platform, and Wingie, and the travel agency agreement to be signed between you and Enuygun when you book a flight via the online platform.

For the conclusion of a carrier contract mediated by Enuygun between you and the respective provider of a mediated air travel (“Flight Company”), thus, only its general commercial terms and conditions will apply.

1. Travel Agency and Travel Organization

Enuygun is not a tour operator itself, but an intermediary for the travel services of third parties and does not offer any binding / linked travel services within the meaning of Article 615w of the German Civil Code. In case your reservation is made through the online platform, a travel agency agreement is concluded between you and Enuygun only in accordance with the provisions of these general commercial terms and conditions. On the other hand, whether the flight you booked takes place does not constitute a part of the contractual obligations of Enuygun or Wingie. This solely depends on the airline company (tour operator) of your choice, with which you signed off your own travel agreement while booking (see Article 2 (e) – (h) below). Your travel agreement is based on the terms of the contract of the relevant airline company, on which the Wingie GTC herein has no effect. Please also refer to Article 6.

2. Your Booking

(a) For booking process, you must be of lawful age (i.e., at least 18 years old) and have full disposing capacity.

(b) You can even make a booking for several people. For example, if you want to travel as a family, you can book up to nine people at once. If we have only your contact details in this booking, we will forward them to the tour operator. That is, if you book for several people, you should provide the relevant information of the tour operator on time to the passengers whom you have stated to be travelling with you. In case of your failure to provide the information of the tour operator, we do not assume any liability for any possible negative impact (prejudice) in the exercise of the right of the passengers.

(c) A booking for a minor or another person who has not reached age of majority is permitted only in connection with a booking for at least one additional person of lawful age with full disposing capacity; therefore, bookings for unaccompanied minors or people who do not have full disposing capacity are not permitted. For information on the options of a travel companion, see Article 6 (b) “Travel of Children and Individuals with Special Needs”.

(d) Booking can only be made in English language via the Platform.

(e) When filling in the booking form on the online portal, you have the option to stop or cancel the booking transaction (process) to review and correct your information at any time before completing your booking.

(f) Click the “Send Payable Order” button on our platform to complete the process. In doing so, you make a binding offer to the tour operator and/or the airline company to sign a carrier contract for the travel service you have chosen ("Booking Request").At the same time, you instruct Enuygun to convey your booking request to the tour operator and/or the airline company and to mediate the conclusion of your carrier contract. By doing this, you enter into a travel agency agreement with Enuygun. You are bound by this travel agency agreement. After completing your booking, you are not allowed to cancel your agency agreement with Enuygun (German Civil Code, Article 312 g Paragraph 2, No. 9).

(g) Your booking details and the general commercial terms & conditions applicable to our intermediation will be recorded (together with the contract) by us, but will no longer be presented to you on the online platform. For your own safety, we ask you to save or print out the current version of these general commercial terms and conditions.

(h) Your carriage contract with the airline company enters into effect upon the acceptance of your booking request. The content of this carriage contract is determined by the general terms and conditions (GTC) you can then find on the website of the relevant airline company. We recommend you to review the general terms and conditions (GTC) of the relevant airline company before completing your booking: Read them carefully as they will provide you with the contractual information (e.g. Payment terms, conditions for rebooking, cancellation/termination conditions, liability regulations, etc.).

(i) Your booking request and thus, your request for concluding a carriage contract with the airline company is deemed to have been accepted when you receive the booking confirmation from Wingie to the e-mail address you provided but, in any case, when you are asked to make the payment for the price. This booking confirmation will be sent immediately. If you do not receive this confirmation within 24 hours after completing your booking in exceptional cases, please contact our travel hotline (see Article 12 "Notifications"). Please always review the booking confirmation you receive to ensure it is accurate and notify us of any errors or corrections immediately.

3. Our Services

(a) The contractual obligations of Enuygun consist of taking the necessary precautions to provide the travel service you want based on your reservation in accordance with this Wingie GTC.

(b) Therefore, the services of Enuygun are only limited to intermediary service and will be fulfilled when the booking confirmation is sent to you. The obligation to provide information or to notify is a part of your agency agreement concluded with Enuygun only if it is expressly agreed. An obligation to inform (clarification) for Enuygun without a separate contract exists only if the specific conditions known to Enuygun make it necessary to provide information and the relevant information is not covered in the information on the online platform. In such a case, Enuygun is obliged to choose the source of information carefully and to ensure the accurate transfer of the information to the customer.

(c) You are solely responsible for knowing and complying with any applicable visa regulations/legislations and other formalities required to enter the country. The information about health and entry regulations in the country of destination, as well as the information about departure or arrival times, is not part of our contractual services. For this, please contact the airline company directly.

4. Prices and Payment

(a) We display the individual prices for the services you have booked, as well as the total prices, before completing your booking on the platform and then, present them in the booking confirmation. The total price also includes the statutory value added tax, additional charges of the airline company and our agency fee (“Service Fee"). The amount of the service fee depends on the service intermediated.

(b) We explicitly state that travel cancellation insurance is not included in the prices and that this insurance must be taken out separately.

(c) The invoice issued by Enuygun will be sent to you by Wingie through e-mail address to the address you have provided. These invoices show the items specified under (a).

(d) For the payment of the total amount, you can choose to pay by credit card (only Visa or Mastercard) or any other form/method of payment offered on the online platform (for example;Sofort, Ideal, Giropay). For payments with credit card, the cardholder does not have to be the same person as the passenger. However, please note that the airline company may require the passenger to present the used credit card at check-in. If the airline company refuses to board/carry the passenger since the passenger does not present the relevant credit card, no claim for compensation or refund can be made against us.

(e) Your credit card payment will be deemed to have been made to Enuygun, even if Wingie has processed the payment on behalf of Enuygun. During the payment transaction, the three-digit security code (CVC number) of your credit card is requested for security reasons. The security code is located on the reverse side of your credit card and are the last three digits of the number on the signature section. When you shop on our website, “Secure 3D” authentication method is used to secure credit card payments. This transaction is required to complete the purchase. Some data will be requested from you for security reasons. The requested data may vary depending on the bank. Your bank can provide you with further information on using "Secure 3D".

(f) After the confirmation of purchase, the amount (including taxes and other charges) will be withdrawn from your credit card to complete the payment process. By entering your booking data and completing the entry, you grant us express prior authorization to collect the amount payable by you through your credit card number. When you exit the online login window, your flight ticket will be displayed and you will be able to print and/or save your ticket.

(g) Some airline companies offer you the option to reserve tickets on the platform. Ticket booking can be completed later within the reservation period. When this period expires, it can no longer be made and the reservation will expire. The reservation period is determined only by the relevant airline company. We do not have any influence on this and therefore, we accept no liability in respect thereof. During the reservation period, the amount payable for booking is initially blocked from the used credit card and you can cancel the booking at any time. In the event that the booking expires or it is cancelled, neither the ticket will be booked nor will the used credit card be charged. Both are possible only if the booking is completed within the reservation period. However, the flight tickets reserved on the platform but not purchased yet cannot be transferred to any different passenger.

5. Rebooking, Cancellation, Termination, Unrealized Travel, Refund

(a) Cancellations and changes in bookings are only possible by using the available form that can be found on the online platform and should be filled in completely by you. You can get help from our hotline to fill in the form.

(b) Cancellations and refunds are not allowed for promotional flight tickets with special offers.

(c) The conditions for cancelling or changing your booking, including prices, and the conditions for the refund of the ticket prices are specified in the general terms and conditions of the airline company. These can be changed. Therefore, you should always become familiar with them and check the cancellation regulations in the general terms and conditions of the relevant airline company in a timely manner. We cannot provide any information in this regard and recommend you to take out travel termination/cancellation insurance.

(d) If you are excluded from the flight by the airline company or you are unable to attend the flight due to the restrictions imposed by the airline company, no claim for compensation or refund can be made against us. The same applies to unscheduled flight take-offs and landings, technical failures, bad weather conditions, strikes and riots, overcrowding, natural disasters, pandemics, accidents and other events and situations outside the impact area of Enuygun.

(e) Refunding (repayment) of the payments will be made by Enuygun or Wingie only through the credit card account used when booking, where the amount of the refund will be credited again. No separate fees will be charged by us for the refund, but in case of cancellation or changing, the fees paid for card payments and/or rebooking, as well as our service fees are not included in the refund. This will not be applicable if the reason for cancellation is attributable to Enuygun.

6. Special Conditions of the Airway Companies and Travel Information

Please always get information from the relevant airline company on the applicable special booking and transport conditions and contact them directly in case you have any doubts or questions. The following information is of a general nature and does not exclude you from the obligation to inform yourself. We do not assume any liabilities for the accuracy or completeness of information. The same applies to the information about the conditions of entry to and transit passage from the country such as passport, visa, foreign exchange and (other) customs and health regulations, and security issues of the relevant country, as well as climate and health conditions. You should clarify these in time before booking your travel.

(a) Limitations on Prices:

All flight prices posted on the online platform on behalf of the air travel company may be subject to special provisions prohibiting, for example, the transfer of tickets to third parties or the refund of the flight price in case of cancellation. Booking of promotional offers from airline companies are generally non-cancellable or non-refundable.

(b) Additional Services:

In some cases, additional costs are incurred for additional services such as baggage delivery, seat selection or meals. Unless explicitly stated at the time of booking, charges for these are not included in the prices shown. The airline companies are responsible for additional services.

(c) Baggage:

Free baggage allowance of airline companies varies according to domestic and international flights, long, middle or short distance and cabin type. Extra baggage causes additional charges. While booking on the platform, you can register baggage, pets, musical instruments and other items to be kept with the passenger during the flight in the reserved fields. However, we do not assume any liability if the airline refuses to fulfill baggage requests during check-in.

(d) Children; Individuals with Special Needs:

Children from 2to 12 years old can only fly with their parents or their guardians over 18 years old. For offers of accompanying children who travel alone, please contact the relevant airline company. Similarly, please contact the relevant airline company for air travel of individuals with special needs. Generally, a separate seat cannot be requested for infants up to 2 years old (“Young Children”). Infants with an infant passenger ticket can fly on the lap of an adult.

(e) Transfer Times in the Airport:

You should arrive at the airport at least 90 (ninety) minutes before the departure time for domestic flights; and you should arrive at the airport at least 3 (three) hours before the departure time for international flights. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing your claims in respect thereof if you miss your flight.

(f) Multiple Bookings:

In the event that more than one booking has been made with the same airline for the same day in the name of the same passenger, it may be classified as a repetition error by the airline company and as a result, all your bookings may be cancelled. The airline company will probably not inform you in this regard and thus, the data entered will be lost. In such case, neither Enuygun nor Wingie will assume any responsibility and/or liability.

(g) Visa, Customs Conditions:

Please always check the fulfillment of entry or transit passage requirements for all countries of travel, and contact your responsible/authorized embassy or consulate for this information in advance.

(h) Vaccines:

The abovementioned issues also apply to vaccines accordingly.

Other Issues:

Airline companies may have special conditions in individual cases regarding the check-in times, reconfirmation of return flights and other issues. It is your responsibility to comply with them. We recommend you to get necessary information in time from the relevant airline company in this regard.

7. Information Related to the Online-Platform

(a) Including the specified prices, the information published on the platform regarding the travel and its content is obtained from the airline company or tour operator. We do not have the opportunity to check this information for its accuracy, currency and completeness. We try our best to ensure that it is complete, up-to-date and accurate, but we do not assume any responsibility, assurance or guarantee in this regard.

(b) The same applies to other information available on the online platform and brought into use by third parties.

(c) Breaches of our own information obligation under the agency agreement remain unaffected.

8. Website Use

(a) The online platform is designed for your personal and non-commercial use. You cannot use the online platform for your own commercial purposes without our prior written consent.

(b) All texts, images, videos, logos and other content on the online platform, as well as the online platform itself as a whole, are subject to the industrial property rights of Enuygun or the licensors. You cannot modify, copy, distribute, transfer, publish, license or create derivative works of and/or assign or sell the contents of the online platform. However, you are permitted to copy, save, print and store individual pages and page contents as evidence or for other specific purposes.

(c) It is forbidden to use the online platform in a manner that could expose the online platform, computer system or our network to risk. In particular, the following are prohibited:

(i) Causing an unreasonably high load on the online platform or its system,

(ii) The transmission of software or malware that can prevent, corrupt or manipulate the online platform from displaying on the computers of the users properly,

(iii) Using technologies that prevent or impair access of other users to the online platform.

(d) Online platform may only be used for bookings legally made on your behalf or for another person for whom the user is authorized to act.

(e) You will hold us harmless against any and all claims, damages and costs (including legal expenses, fees and charges) alleged by third parties due to or in connection with the breach of their retention rights in the event that your obligations specified above in (a) to (d) are violated by you.

(f) We have to perform maintenance work on the online platform and our other systems from time to time and try to perform scheduled maintenance work during off-peak hours of the day. However, it may not be disregarded that the accessibility to the online platform as a whole or its individual functions may be restricted or interrupted in individual cases.

9. Liability

(a) Our liability for slight negligence is limited to the breach of essential contractual obligations (so-called principal obligations), compliance of which the contract partner can righteously rely on, and the compliance ensuring the proper execution of the contract. In this case, our liability is limited to the foreseeable damage typical to the contract (the value of the intermediary/agency service).

(b) We will not be held liable for the consequences of force majeure events such as wars, civil unrest/riots, pandemics, natural events, hijacking, terrorist attacks, fires, floods, power outages, accidents, storms, strikes, and lockouts, arrangements by competent authorities or industrial actions affecting our services.

(c) We do not provide any assurance or guarantee for the information, products or services available on the online platform, in particular for the information provided by airline companies (see Articles 6 & 7) unless such assurance or guarantee is given during individual communication with you.

(d) Links to third party websites (Hyperlinks) on the online platform are provided to you on the online platform for information purposes only. We do not have any impact on the content of such third party websites. The availability of links to third party websites on our platform does not imply a legal transaction with the operator of the related third party website and will not be construed as any confirmation or assignment of the content on the related third party website.

(e) To the extent our liability is limited or exonerated under this Article 9, this will also apply in favor of our legal representatives, employees and other servants.

(f) The above exclusions or limitations of liability are not valid for our liabilities for deliberate and gross negligence under the Products Liability Act or any other legally anticipated negligence for death, health or physical damage.

(g) Claims due to breach of contractual duty/liability expire within one year from the end of the year in which the claim originated.

10. Violations

We reserve the right to exclude you from the use of the online platform and/or related services in the event of your breach of the essential obligations arising from these terms of use, in particular the breach of one of the obligations under Article 8 and a criminally relevant act, and in case of any reasonable suspicion that such a violation has occurred.

11. Data Protection / Confidentiality

The information regarding the processing of personal data can be found in our privacy policy.

12. Means of Communication

In case of any concern/problem with your booking, you can contact us from:

Through mail:

Friedrichstrasse 171 10117 Berlin, Germany

Through e-mail:

Through telephone:
From +1 4378883181.

Please refer to the information under “Contact” on the Online-Platform for the full service hours of our customer service over the telephone.

13. Changes

We reserve the right to make changes at any time on the online platform or its content, in particular regarding the choosing of airline companies, their qualifications, information, databases or contents.

We also reserve the right to change these general commercial terms and conditions at any time, with effect in the future, without further notice to you. The usual up to date version of these general commercial terms and conditions is accessible to public on the online platform. By continuing to use the website or by agreeing to rebook after a change to these general commercial terms and conditions, you declare that you have consented to the changes.

14. Applicable Law, Settlement of Disputes

(a) These general commercial terms and conditions essentially contain all agreements previously reached between you and us. However, the agreements based on individual contracts between the parties have legal precedence.

(b) These general commercial terms and conditions (AGB) are governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. As a consumer, if you place an order and your habitual residence is in another country at the time of order, the enforcement of the mandatory legal provisions of that country is not affected by the choice of law. If you are a tradesman or do not have permanent residence in the Federal Republic of Germany, the place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

(c) If any of the above provisions is found out to be ineffective or unenforceable, the remaining provisions will continue to be valid. The ineffective or unenforceable provision will be replaced by an effective and enforceable provision that is as close as possible to the legal and economic purpose of the provision to be amended.

(d) The dispute resolution platform of the European Commission is available at

(e) Information pursuant to VSBG Article 36: We are neither prepared for nor obliged to participate in any dispute settlement procedure/action before a consumer arbitration committee.

ANNEX: Special conditions for LogiConnect®:

1. LogiConnect®

“Virtual Interlining” Application: may provide connecting flights offered by airline companies or connect the flights from two or more airline companies that are not connected to each other and thus, recommend a more affordable or shorter travel option to the User in order to provide better services to Users and offer a higher number of and more affordable services.

Virtual Interlining is only valid for the flights marked with the Virtual Interlining phrase on the WEBSITE. Connections of airlines and connecting flights with a single PNR are not included in the Virtual Interlining application.

2. Taking Sufficient Precautions

This flight option, which includes the type of transfer referred to as “Virtual Interlining” by may require you to check-in separately for each connecting flight, collect your baggage and deliver it for the next flight, if necessary, go through security and passport control again or hold a valid visa(s) and go to another airport (other than the landed airport). The User must ensure that (i) he/she has adequate time for flight transfer using the TICKETS purchased via Virtual Interlining, to collect his/her baggage and deliver it for the next flight, to go through security and passport control again and (ii) he/she meets the visa requirements of the transfer country, and must take the necessary measures. does not accept any responsibility in such matters.

3. LogiConnect® Guarantee provides security to damages that the User may incur when the previous flight is delayed, the flight times are changed and the User cannot reach his/her next flight under specific conditions through its service “Wingie Guarantee ” which will be offered for sale in addition to the flight ticket for virtual interlining flights.

4. Where does LogiConnect®-Guarantee Apply?

In this case, may provide accommodation, hotel or airport transfer and food and beverage allowance to the User, provide an alternative flight either free of charge or for a particular difference fee, or make partial refunds for other flights that cannot be used. In addition, for other guarantees to be provided by within the framework of Wingie Guarantee, the possible delay should not arise from adverse weather conditions or the passenger should not have any visa problem in the country of transfer, should collect his/her baggage during the transfer and must check-in for the next flight and go through the security and passport control points on time. If the delay occurs due to force majuere events such as adverse weather conditions, strike, bankruptcy of the airline company, epidemic, pandemic measures, unforeseen events at airports (plane crash, terrorist attack, government precautions or temporary shut down by the competent authorities), does not provide any guarantee within the framework of Wingie Guarantee. The User must inform about the problem in a timely and accurate manner as detailed below so that can provide the Wingie Guarantee..

5. Content of LogiConnect®-Guarantee

(a) Wingie Guarantee covers circumstances where the first part of the ticket cannot be used due to changes that need to be made in the second part due to reasons arising from the first part of the ticket or since the departure time of the second part of the ticket is brought forward by the carrier.

(b) does not provide any guarantee in connection with the second part of the ticket if the first part of the ticket is cancelled.

(c) Flight cancellation and changes to the first part of the ticket may not be evaluated in the scope of Wingie Guarantee.

6. What to Do in Case of Loss/Damage

(a) If the User receives any notification of a delayed flight(s) or any change in time of previous flight(s) or the flight time of the second part of the ticket is brought forward by the carrier, the User should directly contact and inform without contacting the airline company via the call center phone numbers or by using the relevant field in the Contact form or by contacting the online chat service. If the User does not notify using one of these methods in a timely manner, the User loses all his rights to the guarantee provided by within the framework of Wingie Guarantee.

(b) b) may contact the User from his/her registered phone number to suggest alternative flight options for the second part of the ticket if any change needs to be made in the second part due to reasons arising from the first part of the ticket. If the User does not accept any alternative option or cannot offer an alternative option, the entire fare of the flights following the delayed flight will be refunded to the User and the tickets for those flights will be cancelled. On rare occasions, if the User cannot reach when he/she needs to act fast, the User may buy the necessary ticket for transportation and then, request a refund from However, must be immediately informed about the delay or change of time of the previous flight, and the original flight tickets and invoices must be submitted to the officers of In any case, the officers of will evaluate the case and decide whether to make any refund or the amount of the refund. The change cost to be covered by the Wingie Guarantee may not exceed 50% of the ticket value in TL. In cases where this amount exceeds the predetermined value, an extra fee may be collected from the User.

7. Special Services

(a) Accommodation: If, as stated in Article 4, the User misses the next flight and stays at the airport due to a last-minute delay in the previous flight (unforeseen delay) and the only first suitable flight mutually agreed upon via phone with is (i) after 12 pm and (ii) if the User has to wait more than 8 hours, the User can spend the night in a hotel to be chosen by Enuygun or the User. If the User spends the night at the hotel of his/her choice, the amount to be covered by is limited to 300 TRY or its equivalent in Euro. In any case, the amount to be covered by may not exceed 50% of the cost of the missed flights. The User must submit the necessary invoices to within 10 days after the travel. Otherwise, will not accept any responsibility. Under Wingie Guarantee, agrees to pay the hotel transfer fee limited to a total of 200 TL for the round trip or its equivalent in Euro.

(b) Meals: In case of delays longer than 4 hours based on the determined departure and landing time of the flight, will cover the meal and beverage expenses, not exceeding 100 TRY per person or its equivalent in Euro. The User must submit the necessary invoices to within 14 days after the travel to benefit from this option. Otherwise, will not accept any responsibility.

(c) Airport Transfer: agrees to pay a transfer fee limited to 500 TRY or its equivalent in Euro if the User needs to make an airport transfer for the new flight arranged by within the framework of Wingie Guarantee.

8. Validity of Wingie Guarantee

The guarantees provided by above under Wingie Guarantee are subject to the following rules:

(a)The relevant flight tickets must be purchased within the scope of the Virtual Interlining application on and the Wingie Guarantee service must be additionally purchased for the tickets. If, after the purchase, any change is made in any ticket of any flight without the approval of , all guarantees offered by under Wingie Guarantee will cease. The User may not claim any rights against within the framework of Virtual Interlining even if any problem arises in connection with the flights.

(b)If the User makes any subsequent change in the contact information provided at the time of ticket purchase, all guarantees offered by under Wingie Guarantee will cease. The User may not claim any rights against within the framework of Wingie Guarantee even if any problem arises in connection with the flights.

(c)If the User purchases additional services (such as excess baggage purchase) for their respective flights after the ticket purchase is completed, all guarantees offered by under Wingie Guarantee will cease. The User may not claim any rights against within the framework of Wingie Guarantee even if any problem arises in connection with the flights.

(d)The pre-requisite for the guarantees provided by regarding the problems in the Wingie Guarantee process is that the delay or disruption in the previous flight takes place within the standard course of airline transportation. If delay occurs due to force majeure events such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, epidemics, pandemic measures, the bankruptcy of the airline company, unforeseen events at the airports (plane crash, terrorist attack, government precautions or temporary shut down by the competent authorities), is not obliged to provide any guarantee within the framework of Wingie Guarantee. will support the User to the maximum level without offering any guarantee to help the User on a case-by-case basis.

(e)The fee charged for Wingie Guarantee is non- refundable.

ANNEX 2: Special Conditions for Prime Support Service

The terms and conditions in case of purchasing a prime support service (“Prime Support Service”) are explained below.

To the extent applicable, the provisions specified under the Terms of Use shall be applied to the services provided within the scope of the Prime Support Service. In case of any discrepancy between the Terms of Use and Special Conditions for the Prime Support Service, the Special Terms and Conditions for the Prime Support Service shall prevail.

1. Prime Support Service

The Prime Support Service is a support service providing you with the services listed below, when being purchased together with the flight ticket on the Online-Platform:

(a) Priority call center service from Wingie’s call center (“Call Center”) till taking off as of purchasing a flight ticket,

(b) The flight ticket confirmation through free SMS service regarding your flight,

(c) A free following up service for the refund and / or objection processes regarding the flight tickets in case of a potential flight cancellation,

(d) 7 days 24 hours service provided via e-mail and online chat service (“Online Chat”) available on the Online-Platform.

2. Pricing and Terms of Use

The Prime Support Service is subject to an additional fee. You may purchase such Prime Support Service only in the flight ticket reservation step on the Online-Platform. The fee of the Prime Support Service is the fee offered to you during the flight ticket reservation on the Online-Platform. To benefit from the Prime Support Service, you are required to use the telephone number which you submitted during the process for purchasing the flight tickets on the Online-Platform. Wingie shall not be liable for any request or concern arising from an incorrect or incomplete phone number registered on the Online-Platform or due to an inaccuracy thereof. All privileged services provided within the scope of the Prime Support Service are solely exclusive to the flight you purchased and do not include a continuous service. Wingie does not give a guarantee or warranty to provide you with the continuous Prime Support Service accordingly.

3. Refund

The Prime Support Service is not subject to the consumer's right of withdrawal. Therefore, the Prime Support Service cannot be cancelled or refunded. The fee paid for the Prime Support Service will not be refunded by Wingie, even if the relevant flight is cancelled.

4. Transfer

All the services provided within the Prime Support Service is exclusive for the person who purchased the flight ticket, and it is not possible to transfer the use of these services to another flight, another user/passenger or any third party.

5. Call Prioritization

As a user who has purchased the Prime Support Service, you will be granted privileges when you call the Call Center, and Wingie show its best efforts to answer your call in the fastest way possible. However, Wingie does not give any guarantee and/or warranty regarding the response time of such call(s). The purchase of the Prime Support Service provides you with a quick access method to our Prime Support Services mentioned above, and no guarantee and/or warranty is given by Wingie for the solution of any concern or problem through calling the Call Center or contacting on the Online Chat. In the event that there is a busyness since more than one user receiving this service are calling the Call Center at the same time, the user who has been waiting for the longest period is prioritised based on the waiting period. In case that the waiting period of users is the same, the user with the closer flight date is prioritised in the Call Center.

6. Dependency on The Flight

The Prime Support Service can be benefitted for both outbound and return flights in case of purchasing a return/round-trip ticket at the same time by the users.

7. Sending SMS

The extent of the free confirmation SMS service is limited only to the details of your tickets you have purchased on the Online-Platform. For the avoidance of doubt, the Prime Support Service does not include sending SMS for the updates regarding the flight(s). Wingie shall not be liable for the failure to deliver SMS to you due to the differences in the policies implemented by the countries regarding SMS sending, or legal and technical reasons whatsoever, which are not caused by Wingie.

8. Refund Follow Up

Within the scope of the Prime Support Service, in cases such as illness, pandemic measures, state of emergency, unscheduled flight take-offs, cancellation, postponement to a future date, the refusal of a user and/or their carriages by a flight company, the unsuitability of a- user for a flight, insufficient validity of a passport, invalid identification documents, the objection process and/or the refund requests for the relevant flight(s) will be following by Wingie. To benefit from this service, the relevant user should submit full requested documents to Wingie. For the avoidance of doubt, Wingie does not give any guarantee or warranties for the refund or change of such tickets or flights as a consequence of this service. In the refund processes, all rules regarding the ticket’s cancellation information, fees to be deducted in case of cancellation, refund of the ticket, change of reservation including the ticket fees, baggage allowance and carriage rules applied by the subject airline company will be applicable together with the National and International General Flight Rules and Flight Security Rules.

9. Communication Channel

The telephone and e-mail information are set forth under Article 12 of Wingie GTC. No guarantee and/or warranty is given by Wingie for the solution of any concern or problem through the process of using the Call Center or contacting via Online Chat Service.

10. Force Majeure Event

In case of any and all events considered as a force majeure event legally including but not limited to events arising from cyber-attack, communication problems, infrastructure and internet malfunctions, malfunctions due to the system-related improvement or renewal activities, natural disasters, fire, explosions, civil wars, wars, riots, civil commotions, declaration of mobilization, strike, lockout, epidemic and occurrences arising from legislative and administrative actions of a public authority (“Force Majeure Event”), which makes it impossible for Wingie to perform the services or fulfil its contractual obligations related to its Prime Support Service, and/or which prevents Wingie's activities from providing its services within the scope of the Prime Support Service, Wingie shall not be held liable for its obligations that are prevented or delayed as a result of a Force Majeure Event, and such Force Majeure Event cannot be considered as a breach of this Special Conditions. In case of a Force Majeure Event, Wingie has the right to terminate and/or suspend the services regarding the Prime Support Service without any unilateral compensation.

11. Interruption or Suspension

In case Wingie has a doubt on abuse of the Prime Support Service at its own discretion, Wingie has the right to suspend its Prime Support Service. Wingie shall not be liable for any interruption or suspension of the Prime Support Service accordingly.

12. Liability

Wingie or Enuygun shall not be liable for indirect, incidental, special, consequential, exemplary damages, including damages based on loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of data, service or use however caused and under any theory of liability.