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About Braunschweig/Wolfsburg

Braunschweig is the second largest city in the state of Lower Saxony, Germany. During the Holy Roman Empire the state was established as Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel. With the 1815 Congress of Vienna it was separated from the Duchy of Braunschweig-Lüneburg, to which it had been bound since the Middle Ages, and it was made an independent ducal. Today the city has a population of around 250 thousand. Half of the population of the city is made up of Germans, and the other half is made up of Turks, Poles, Bulgarians, Indians and Arabs.

Technology and R&D create the modern face of the city. The foundations for color TV and the high-speed monorail Transrapid were laid here. The history of Braunschweig dates back 1,000 years. One of the city’s most historic structures is the 12th century Brunswick Cathedral, located near the historic city center, Burgplatz. The powerful Saxon duke Henry the Lion is buried here. Another is the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, one of Europe’s oldest art museums. Braunschweig is home to North Germany’s largest carnival Schoduvel, which is held every year. Among places to see are, of  course the Brunswick Cathedral also known as Braunschweiger Dom, Happy Rizzi House, and Prinz-Albrecht-Park. Braunschweig was a nominee city to be the “European Capital of Culture 2010”. 

Weather in Braunschweig/Wolfsburg

DayMin - Max
SaturdayMin 14ºC - Max 20ºC
SundayMin 13ºC - Max 22ºC
MondayMin 15ºC - Max 26ºC
TuesdayMin 18ºC - Max 24ºC
WednesdayMin 16ºC - Max 25ºC

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