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Located in the state of Schleswig-Holstein, in northern Germany, Kiel has land that extends from the eastern end of the Kiel Canal all the way to the Kiel Fjord, an inlet of the Baltic Sea. Located in the city, the University of Kiel, also known as the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel, is an important institution known for its work on the world’s economy. Every year in June the city hosts Kiel Week, an international sailing event and cultural festival.

The city has a commercial yacht harbor and yacht facilities as well as ferry boat transportation connecting the east and west parts of the city. Kiel is well developed in the ship and machine building industry and also has a printing house, metal processing plant, and beer and textile mills. The train station located in the city provides transportation to Hamburg, Lübeck, Flensburg, and Denmark. Seamanship and marine transportation are of great importance in the city. 

Transportation to Kiel City Center from Airport

The only public transportation alternative available to get to Kiel city center from Kiel Airport is by Kiel bus. There are buses with different names that are operated by various companies. Other methods of transportation to get to the city center from the airport include shuttle and transfer services, taxis, and rental car.


A large majority of buses that depart from Kiel Airport pass through Kiel city center. In particular, line 91, line 501, and line 502 provide direct transportation from the airport to the city center. Bus lines 501 and 502 run every 15 minutes. In addition to these buses there are transfer and shuttle services that are operated by the airport.

The green and orange Kielius buses depart from Terminal 1 and are operated by another company. These buses provide direct transportation to the city center. Kielius buses provide transportation to section B of the main bus station in the city center. These buses run every hour and take about 90 minutes to get to the city.

The most up-to-date ticket prices are as follows: 2.60 euros for a single-use ticket, 9.10 euros for a 4-use ticket, 7.80 euros for a day ticket, and 20.30 euros for a weekly ticket.


Taxis are readily available at the terminal exit. Taxis provide convenient and affordable transportation to the city center from the airport. The taximeter starts at 2.50 euros and runs 1.40 euros per kilometer. It costs between 17 and 21 euros to get to the city center from Kiel airport by taxi.

Rental Car

All local and international rental car companies are easily accessible at Kiel Airport. Booking your vehicle in advance by making a reservation online makes renting a car a the airport even more convenient. Make sure to have an internationally valid driver’s license with you. It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get to the city center from the airport by car.

Last Updated: December 27, 2016
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