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About Guernsey

Guernsey, also known by its official name Bailiwick of Guernsey, is an island which is one of the British Crown dependencies. Guernsey, which is one of the islands of the Channel Islands, is situated off the coast of Normandy of France.

According to the most recent census figures, more than 65 thousand people, who speak mostly in French and English, live on the island. The island, which offers a peaceful and calm life with the pretty houses built in a lush nature, is especially the favorite of the visitors who come from the crowded cities and want to have a holiday in a peaceful environment.

Victor Hugo is one of the most famous residents of Guernsey, whose history dates back to old times. The house of the world-famous writer who spent 15 years on the island is at the top of the most visited places in Guernsey, even today.

Guernsey offers exciting activities such as surfing and diving for the travelers as well as unique natural beauties. Activities such as rock climbing and night walks are also popular, especially during summer on the island, which attracts visitors from almost every part of Europe, particularly from France and the Great Britain. During your visit to Guernsey where you can taste different delicacies of the European cuisine, you can also taste the most delicious seafood and fish caught from the shores.

Later in the night you can sip your drink in pubs and bars as well as you can enjoy the music and have fun. There are different options for transportation to Guernsey from both France and the Great Britain. In addition to the flights arranged more frequently in the summer season, you can also benefit from the boats which regularly depart from both countries to reach the island.

Whenever you visit Guernsey, you can come across quite different beauties and have a great time. Especially the summertime is known as the most beautiful and lively period to travel Guernsey.

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