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Located in the UK, Cambridge is famous for its university, Cambridge University, which is one of the world’s top 5 universities. North of London, this city is surrounded by many small towns and villages. Cambridge is also the oldest university town and county town of Cambridgeshire. Major sightseeing places besides the university include the Cambridge Castle, Fitzwilliam Museum, Museum of Classical Archaeology, Christ’s Pieces, and the Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Cambridge is located 105 km from England’s capital, London. There is bus and train transportation available between Cambridge and London. A significant portion of the city’s total population is made up of students. Cambridge offers tourists a rich variety of things to do with its history, massive buildings, parks, gardens, and museums. Cambridge is the heart of the high-tech region known as Silicon Fen. It is also home to several markets and shopping centers. You can reach almost every part of the city by foot, making it a very easy city to navigate for tourists. The city also has a lot of clubs and pubs for evening entertainment. In short, Cambridge offers tourists a wide range of things to do. In terms of air transport, Cambridge has many options. The Cambridge Airport, the closest airport to the city, is located 14-minutes away from the city center.

The Stansted Airport is located 40-minutes away from the city, the Luton Airport is located about 1 hour away from the city, and Gatwick Airport is located about 2 hours away from the city. It is easy to reach the city center from the airport using public transportation. 

Transportation to Cambridge City Center from Airport

There are comfortable alternatives such as bus or taxi for those who would like to travel to the capital, London from Cambridge Airport. Also, the railway station is only a few miles to the airport. Therefore, you can travel to the cities of the United Kingdom from Cambridge Airport easily.


Located in the city centre, Cambridge Railway Station is only a few miles to Cambridge Airport. You can arrive the railway station in around 10 minutes by taking a taxi or shuttle service at Cambridge Airport. You can continue your journey by going to the capital, London or any other city of the country via these trains. It is also possible to go to the different regions such as Scotland easily by train.


Cambridge city centre is 3 miles away to Cambridge Airport. You can easily get to the city centre in a short time by Park & Ride bus. These buses are at your service for arriving the city centre from the aiport every day. Upon arriving Cambridge city centre by these buses, you can continue travelling to other cities by bus or train. Park & Ride fares range from the distance between Cambridge Airport and your point of destination. If you only want to get to Cambridge city centre from the airport by bus, you can enjoy this service at a more reasonable price.

Private Car

You can drive through the roads A1 and A14 to get to the city centre or other cities like London from Cambridge Airport, if you want to use your private car. You can easily find a parking lot for your car both in the airport and in the city centre.

Renting A Car

If you wish, you can rent a car at the companies such as One Rental and Direct Car for driving to the city centre and other nearby cities from Cambridge Airport. You can dial 01223 309 409 to get informed about the procedure before renting a car. Alternatively, you can find the offices of various global rent-a-car firms at the airport or nearby and rent your car there.

Last Updated: April 01, 2019
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