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About Exeter

Located on the south-west of England, Exeter is considered as one of the most important cultural and historical centers of England in the region. The city of Exeter, which is the center of Devon County, is a wonderful place that is located on the banks of the River Exe.

The city, which had been an important attraction center in numerous fields in the past years, still attracts visitors with spectacular historical buildings and admirable landscapes even if it has lost its position today. With the influence of the university in Exeter, the city is also popular among the students who have come here for education from different parts of the country.

Convenient lands for settlement and the river for fishing in the city, which has a history dates back to old times, are regarded as one of the most important reasons for the first settlers in Exeter to prefer this city and its surroundings. With its majestic structure and spectacular view, the Exeter Cathedral is especially one of most attractive works of art for domestic and foreign tourists.

Walking on the Exeter Bridge in the city, you can enjoy the historic atmosphere that takes you to the old times and in the evening, you can taste the delicious beers in the city’s restaurants and bars.

The temperature varies between 3 and 20 degrees throughout the year in Exeter, where severe heat and cold are not experienced. You can prefer spring and summer months to travel and explore the city and its surroundings comfortably. While coming into the city, it is also useful to take your raincoat and umbrella with you as a precaution against the rain that may be seen in every season.

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