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What is online check-in?

Online check-in allows travelers who bought tickets from participating airlines to conduct the necessary check-in procedures for boarding the plane on the internet before they come to the airport. You can check-in online from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet after you buy the ticket.

When does the online check-in procedure start?

Many airlines gives the opportunity to check-in online beginning 23-24 hours before the flight up until 90 minutes before to the flight. The check-in procedure opens only 24 hours before the flight because the type of plane used on the flight may change.

How can I check-in online?

After ticketing procedures are completed, you receive a confirmation e-mail with your ticket. Starting roughly 24 hours before your flight, you should enter the same name and surname that is in this e-mail, along with your e-ticket or reservation number, through the online check-in link. You can then choose your seat from the seating plan of the plane. However, please note that for some airlines choosing the seat in advance is optional and may require you to pay a small fee.

Can I use my cell phone to check-in?

You can also conduct your online check in procedure by either downloading the airline’s mobile app or by visiting their mobile webpage.

What are your recommendations for online check-in users?

Our customers who use online check-in should still arrive at the airport 60 minutes before the flight. Check-in procedures should be completed 45 (for international flights) or 30 (for domestic flights) minutes before the plane departs. Travelers without luggage can directly get on the plane after going through the safety control if they print out the boarding pass from the internet. The travelers with luggage can get on the plane after they deliver their luggage through the check-in counters before it closes.