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About 20 kilometres away from the city centre of Nevsehir, Ürgüp is one of the leading tourism centres of Cappadocia. The fairy chimneys, emerged from the land eroded by wind and rains, are undoubtedly the most important symbols of the region. The famous Greek baths, Taşkınpaşa Mosque and Ürgüp Museum are among the must-sees in Ürgüp which was knowns as Osiana under Byzantium rule, and as Başhisar in the time of Seljuks. After visiting Ürgüp, which is not too big, you can also visit places such as Göreme, Avanos and Uçhisar, which are also nearby and are considered as other important points of attraction of Cappadocia.

Red meat is generally preferred as the main ingredient of dishes in Ürgüp, located within Central Anatolia. In addition to the meat dishes served with the baked breads on the metal plates, delicious salads, mezes and regional desserts are also served in Ürgüp.

Ürgüp can be conveniently visited almost all year round. The winter months are generally snowy and cold. However, you can come to see Cappadocia under the snow in this period. During summer months it can be a bit difficult to walk around due to extreme heat. Spring and autumn months are the ideal times for visiting Cappadocia and Ürgüp. After having spent the day touring the fairy chimneys, pottery workshops and wine cellars, you can enjoy the evening hours by listening to music and having fun in the clubs of Cappadocia.

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