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About Busan

Busan is the second largest city and coast in South Korea, which is surrounded by mountains. It has about 4 million inhabitants.  Beomeo-sa Temple and Yonggungsa Temple, which are two of the most famous temples in South Korea, are the main places to visit. Other points of interest in Busan include Yongdusan Park, the Busan Museum of Art, the United Nations Memorial Cemetery,  the 40-Step Ladders, and the Busan Aquarium. There are plenty of festivals in the city. The most famous one is the Buddha's birthday, held in April or May. Korea Thanksgiving Day, the country's biggest holiday and a harvest festival, is celebrated in Autumn. 
Busan provides excellent examples of Korean cuisine, with this city's regional speciality focusing on seafood. Busan has a humid subtropical climate, with lots of rain in the summer and mild winters. If you have difficulty in visiting the city in the rain, prefer to go to the city in the spring or autumn months.
Busan is serviced by the Gimhae International Airport. You can reach the city center by public transportation or taxi. The city's subway system is also popular and extensive.


Transportation to Busan City Center from Airport


Gimhae Intl. - Gimhae - Kimhae Intl. Airport

You can use buses, with convenient access to many points in the city, to reach the city center from Gimhae International Airport, which is located near Busan city in South Korea. Various alternatives such as car rental, metro, taxi and airport shuttle service are available to bring you to the city center from the airport, which provides transportation to and from numerous cities such as Hong Kong, Manila, Taipei, Beijing, Osaka, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Shanghai. Although the fastest and practical means of transport are taxis, the fares can be much higher when compared to public transport. Metro and airport shuttles are also quick and convenient alternatives, but the metro can be a bit more exhausting and challenging alternative for passengers who travel long distances with difficult-to-carry luggage.


InterCity buses, which can be found on the first floor of the domestic terminal of the airport, are the most economical option to take advantage of travelling from the airport to Busan city center. The buses depart from the airport and carry passengers to Okpo, Jangseungpo, Gohyeon, Gwangju, Suncheon and Gwangyang. Some buses, on the other hand, are departing from the first floor of the international terminal of the airport. Bus fares are usually convenient and you can pay it in cash. After arriving by bus from the airport to Busan city center, you can continue by taxi or other alternative means of public transportation. You can travel in the direction of Haeundae by bus 307, which can be accessed from the first floor of the domestic terminal. The fare for the bus is 1,300 won for each passenger and if you use the special cards valid on the buses, you can travel by paying less, i.e.1,200 won.

Limousine Bus

From the interesting transportation options available at Gimhae International Airport in Busan, limousine buses are a great alternative for those who prefer a more convenient and privileged journey when traveling by bus. The fare for limousine buses is higher than the conventional buses; they transport the passengers to the city center for a fee of between 6,000 and 7,000 won. You can travel on routes such as Seomyeon and Haeundae by limousine buses departing from the stop number 2 on the first floor of domestic and international terminals.

Gangseo Buses

Buses that you can use to get to the smaller settlements around the city carry passengers on the Gangseo-11 and Gangseo-13 lines towards Ulman/Gupo Market. Buses, also known as “town bus”, depart from the stop outside of both domestic and international terminals and carry passengers for 1,300 won (if you pay with cash) and for 1,160 (if you use special transportation cards).


You can reach many places in the city center much more quickly with lines 2 and 3 of Metro which is another means of public transportation that serves in Busan. When traveling by metro with four different lines, you can also transfer to light rail trains at Sasang Station on Line 2 and at Daejeo Station on Line 3, and you can reach more points in the city without difficulty.

Airport Shuttle

When you travel between the terminals of Busan Gimhae International Airport, you can also benefit from airport shuttles that depart directly from the terminals. The shuttles run between 05:50 and 22:40 and depart every ten minutes make it easy for passengers who want to go to a different terminal. The airport shuttle is free for all passengers.


In Busan there are two different categories of taxis: classical and luxury taxis. Classical taxis waiting ready for the passengers at any moment at the exit of the terminal ask for a 20% increased fare for journeys during night time and to out of town. Classical taxis charge 2.800 won for every 2 kilometers. Luxury taxis, on the other hand, charge 5,000 won for every 3 kilometers. It is a good idea to let your drivers know where you want to go before boarding the taxi and to make your decision by getting information about current prices.

If you want to come to Haeundae, where Shilla Hotel is located, with taxis, you will have to pay 25,000 won for classical taxis and 45,000 won for luxury ones for a journey of about 70 minutes. If you are traveling in the direction of Nampo-dong where Jagalchi Market is located, you will have to pay 20,000 won for classical taxis and 36,000 for luxury taxis for a journey of about 60 minutes.

Those who travel in the direction of Gwangalli by taxi should pay 25,000 won for the classical taxi at the end of a journey of about 70 minutes. The luxury taxis would cost 45,000 won for this journey.

Those travelling in the direction of Taejongdae, 80 minutes away, can use the taxi by paying about 28,000 for classical taxis and 50,400 won for luxury ones. If you want to come from the direction of the airport to Seomyeon, where the Lotte Hotel is located, should take into consideration paying up to 18,000 won for classic taxi, and up to 32,400 won for the luxury taxi for a journey of about 45 minutes.

Weather in Busan

DayMin - Max
SaturdayMin 21ºC - Max 26ºC
SundayMin 21ºC - Max 26ºC
MondayMin 21ºC - Max 23ºC
TuesdayMin 22ºC - Max 24ºC
WednesdayMin 23ºC - Max 25ºC

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