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About Bergama

Bergama is located in the Bergama Bakırçay Basin, a county of Izmir that borders Balıkesir county. The city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Tobacco, pine nuts, cotton, grapes, and olives are some of the main agricultural produce. Carpet weaving as an ancestral heritage has a role just as valuable as agriculture for the Bergama economy. Culture tourism is another important factor that brings vibrancy to the city’s economy.

Bergama is an important and historic settlement location with history that stretches as far back as 399 B.C. The Ancient Acropolis, Temple of Athena, Ancient Bergama Library, Temple of Dionysus, the Altar of Zeus, the Ancient Theatre, and many more are worth seeing as part of Bergama’s historical heritage. Mosques and caravanserais that are examples of Ottoman and Seljuk architecture can also be added to the list.

Bergama’s geography is rich in terms of thermal springs too. These thermal springs also receive many visitors, as they are believed to have healing qualities for aches and various illnesses.

Springtime is best to visit Bergama as the Mediterranean climate means that the winter months are warm and rather wet, while the summer months are quite hot and dry.

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