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An island belonging to Indonesia, Bali is a true tourism heaven. The island’s economy is almost entirely made up of tourism revenue constantly on a rise for a couple years. Temperatures in Bali fluctuate between 20° and 33°C throughout the year. With incredible untouched sands and a clean clear sea, the city is an ideal environment for those who want an ocean and sun vacation year-round.

Motorcycles and taxis are most commonly used as transportation in the city. When getting on these fast and practical vehicles, make sure you talk about the price beforehand and bargain.

Even though the country it is a part of has a population of a majority of Muslims, 80% of Bali residents have embraced Hinduism. The city is also known as ‘The City of Gods.’ Due to this, there are many Hindu temples in the city. Visitors of the city usually put at least 1-2 of these temples with both beautiful gardens and a mystical atmosphere.

Although many tourists come to the city to lay on the white sands, swim in the glass-like water and enjoy the sun, as many people come to the island to scuba dive and surf. As you can plan these activities on your own, there are also companies who rent surfboards and give lessons and tours that constantly go diving.

Those who come to this ocean island should definitely taste the different seafood. Also, luwak coffee is of the things you must taste. Coffee seeds that are indigenous to this geography and also specific to this region, fermented in an indigenous animal’s feces then made to a very special coffee is often cherished.

A tropical heaven and preserving its popularity for many years, Bali offers its visitors a tranquil and novel vacation.

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