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Baishan is a city in the Jilin province of the People's Republic of China. It literally means "White Mountain" and is named after Changbai Mountain. As early as the Neolithic Age, human beings started to live in this area. It once belonged to different provinces including Fengtian, Tonghua, Liaoning in the early 20th century. In 1959, Jilin government developed Hunjiang City in this area. In 1994, the city was renamed to Baishan.

You can visit the abandoned power station in Baishan, which provides a very cool environment to walk around and to capture interesting photos. You can go for walks around Heavenly Lake, where nature lovers will like to spend time. You can participate in tours that are organised in the Jinjiang Grand Canyon. You can explore the Karst Caves on Changbai Mountain. You can have a pleasant day by participating on a boat cruise on the Yalujiang River. You can experience a healing and relaxing day in Changbai and Fusong hot springs, one of Baishan hot springs.

You can find interesting tastes in Baishan, of local Chinese and Korean dishes. You can taste barbecue and street food. Baishan is China's mineral water city and you should definitely try the various mineral waters. The summers are short and rainy while winters are long and dry. The best time to travel to Baishan is during the spring months. It's also wonderful to visit the region in other seasons of a year, the city holds different festivals such as Wild Flowers Festival in spring, Red Leaves Festival in autumn as well as Ice and Snow Festival in winter. 

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