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About Ankokoambo

Located on the south-west of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean, Ankokoambo is one of the most visited centers of the island. The tropical climate, which is dominant in Madagascar, the world's fourth largest island located in the Indian Ocean, is also dominant here. Almost all of the plant species that grow here are peculiar to the island and there are many species that do not grow elsewhere in the world. This makes both the island and Ankokoambo a paradise for those who study different plant and animal species from anywhere in the world. Temperatures in this semi-tropical climatic zone are monitored year-round at a certain level and do not show major changes. It is suitable to visit here every season of the year except for the rainy September-October period.

There are few historical artifacts and squares in Ankokoambo; the best thing to do here is to enjoy the unique beauty of the coasts. You can also taste fresh local tropical fruit from the local markets. You need to be careful about the sudden temperature changes that can be experienced and especially the sudden precipitation seen in some seasons. The taxis that you can find easily from the airport are the best choice for transportation to the region but if you plan to stay for a longer time, renting a car will be a more economical option.

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