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About Alpha

Alpha is a small town located in the Barcaldine Region in Central West Queensland, Australia. What makes this settlement an important and strategic place is that it is located on one of the richest coal mines of the country. For this reason, Alpha is referred to as “Coal Town”. Alpha is surrounded by four mineral deposits. Especially Galilee Basin contains high quality coal. Many projects are being developed in order to process and carry the coals found in the region. Local people and environmentalists reject these projects. Project owners defend that the coal in the region has low ash and sulfur waste and such quality coal is essential for power plants.

Alpha is a town which significantly dressed its wounds, which occurred because of a natural disaster it faced in 1990, by taking shelter behind art. Flood disaster occurring following the unusual rainfall gave great damages to Alpha. After this disaster, Alpha Murals were created by two local artists. The murals were improved by many artists day by day. Landscape of the town mainly consists of these murals. Thanks to its pastoral features, Alpha is a place where travelers interested in nature tourism can explore interesting points. Alpha Fossil Forests, golf courses, Jane Neville-Rolfe Art Gallery, Tivoli Theater Museum and of course the Alpha Murals are important tourist attractions of the town. The effects of steppe climate are seen in the town. Alpha Airport is located 4.5 kilometers west of the town.

Transportation to Alpha City Center from Airport


Alpha Airport

Alpha Airport hosts many visitors every year, with the opportunity to easily reach the city center. Located at the airport there's a car park, car rental companies, snack bars, VIP lounges and a shopping store. Passengers' safety, comfort and similar needs are met in the best ways. From Alpha Airport you can travel to the city center by taxi, bus, hotel shuttle service or by renting a car.

Rent a Car

You can quickly get to the city center by choosing one of the many car rental offices located at Alpha Airport. You can talk to the rental companies to negotiate a fee or ask any questions you may have. You can also book a car rental without going to the rental car company before hand or you can ask your hotel for help. For those who do not want to choose other types of transportation, the option of renting a car gives you more freedom.


You can quickly get to the city center from the airport by taxis which are located at the airport terminal exit. Taking into consideration the number of people and the number of cases you have, the average taxi fare varies between $25 and $55. Before getting in a taxi to reach the city center, try to negotiate the price with the driver first.

Hotel Services

When you book your hotel, you can check if an airport transfer option is one of the facilities offered to you to avoid any problems during your journey. If you have a lot of baggage this type of transportation can be one of your best choices. The average price of these services, which takes you from the airport to your hotel, varies between $5 and $20 per person.

Airport Buses

By getting on the correct bus from the airport terminal to the city center you can get off at the nearest bus stop to your hotel. The bus ticket is $10 and there are also several other bus lines from the airport providing transportation to the city center. The pricing of these buses varies according to the length of the ticket you receive.

Weather in Alpha

DayMin - Max
SaturdayMin 10ºC - Max 20ºC
SundayMin 6ºC - Max 18ºC
MondayMin 5ºC - Max 18ºC
TuesdayMin 5ºC - Max 17ºC
WednesdayMin 3ºC - Max 16ºC

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