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About Uruguay

Uruguay, situated along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, is located in eastern South America. It shares borders with Argentina and Brazil, and its capital, Montevideo, is the largest and most developed city of Uruguay. It is the second smallest country in South America after Suriname. 
Uruguay is a unitary presidential republic, has a population of approximately 4 million, and like most South American countries, Spanish is the official language.
Europeans first arrived in the region in the 1500s, and since then, the number of people of European descent in the country has steadily increased. Uruguay's economy relies significantly on agriculture and livestock, with meat, dairy, wool, rice, and leather products being fundamental economic activities.
Uruguay generally experiences a moderate climate with relatively consistent temperatures throughout the year. In the winter, average temperatures range from 9-11 degrees Celsius, while in the summer, they range from 23-24 degrees Celsius.
The ideal time to visit Uruguay is during the warm months when the weather is pleasant and festivals occur.
Uruguay has several departments, including Artigas, Colonia, Flores, Salto, Rivera, and San Jose. In addition to the capital, Montevideo, other major cities in Uruguay include Paysandu and Mercedes. One of the most significant festivals celebrated in the country is the Montevideo Carnival, held with great enthusiasm every February.
Nearly half of the population is reportedly Roman Catholic. A third of the population practices different Christian faiths or is a nondenominational Christian. One-sixth of Uruguayans are atheists or agnostics.
Uruguay has a culinary culture influenced by Argentine cuisine regarding ingredients and preparation methods. Beef dishes are popular, but chicken and pork are also widely consumed. Uruguay's world-famous cheese is a must-try when visiting the country.

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