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Zemun, which is one of the 17 districts of Belgrade since the year 1945 and located in central Serbia, is the most charming neighborhood in Belgrade, according to many people who visit and know the city. You can listen to the sound of birds flying by the riverside in this town that has a calming effect, and you can go on a journey in the history.

Zemun, which is located along the Sava River just across Kalemegdan overlooking the region, is one of both Serbia's and Belgrade's oldest districts, and it still carries the traces of the Roman, Byzantine, Austrian-Hungarian empires. It is easy for the town to be included in the list of ‘must-visit while in Belgrade’ thanks to the charming buildings surrounding the cobblestone narrow streets, its colorful square surrounding the intimate atmosphere and its increasingly spectacular view as climbing up the slopes.

Once upon a time, Zemun was a border town between the Austrian Empire and the Ottoman Empire. The oldest building you will see in the town is the Zemun Fortress, which is known to have been built in the 9th century. The Baroque Millennium Tower Gardos from the 19th-century located on Dubrovacka Street is also worth seeing. The town is preferred for getting further away from the stress of city life, taking long walks, watching the magnificent sunsets and sitting on the most beautiful fish tables of Belgrade. The most special aspect of the town is its resemblance to 18th and 19th centuries with its preserved architectural texture. There are also merchant houses along with Catholic and Orthodox churches dating from these centuries.

The banks of the Sava River are surrounded by eating and drinking areas, and while you are walking there, you may not understand which chairs belong to which restaurants, because restaurants are lined up one after the other. In these restaurants that arelocated near the river where geese and swans float, the essential dishes on the menus are fish soup and lamb roasted on the tandour.

The distance between this charming town and the Belgrade Airport is approximately 15 kilometers and it is possible to reach the city by using public transport. You can take the buses and trams that depart from the Zeleni Venac Square in the city center of Belgrade, and you have no difficulty in parking when you arrive by car.

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