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The history of Ždiar, which is a village located in the Poprad District in the Prešov Region in Spiš in northern Slovakia, dates back to 1409. Ždiar is located between the Belianske Tatry and Spišská Magura mountains and it is also the starting point of the Belianske Tatry Mountains.

An interesting information about Zdiar, which is a traditional Slovak village is that the villagers used to wear their local costumes on Sundays and during festivals and organize various events until recently. In order to get to know their culture closely, the first thing you need to do is to attend a traditional Goral wedding if your travel time coincides with such wedding.

Ždiar, which offers a wonderful and enjoyable holiday for its visitors with its trekking and bicycle routes having a close location to the Poland - Slovakia border, welcomes a great number of both local and foreign tourists with its wooden country houses remaining from the 16th century, traditions and hospitable people. Ždiar, which is one of the oldest settlements of Tatras, is an attractive destination for visitors of every age with its very green areas as well as historical places and museums where you can get information about its culture and Goral people.

Bachledka Ski & Sun, which offers wonderful panoramic views of Belian Tatras located only 30 km north of Poprad on the slopes of the Magura Mountains, is the only ski center within the borders of three different settlements as Ždiar, Jezersko and Mala Frankova. This ski center, which offers the opportunity to enjoy skiing on three different valleys, is home to ski slopes of about 9.5 kilometers in total and covered with artificial snow.

Strednica Ski Center is among the first choices of those coming to the village for skiing. This center is a large facility ideal especially families with children. The center, which has a capacity of more than 6000, is suitable for night skiing thanks to its illuminated slopes. It is very easy to reach this ski center, which attracts many visitors with its great ski slopes, by using private cars or public transportation vehicles.

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