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Zaventem is located in the Dijleland area of ​​Belgium's capital city Brussels, one of the three large recreational areas which together are known as the green belt. The area occupies 27.62 square meters. In this small settlement the Flemish language is spoken, the neighboring city is Diegem and is also home to the International Brussels Airport. In the 1st century Zaventem was an agricultural city which then became a logistics city with the construction of Brussels Airport. Because of this it is one of the main centers of choice and economy of big companies. In 2016 a terrorist attack on Brussels Airport was brought to the worlds attention. The distance from Zaventem to Brussels is only 14 kilometers. You can easily access the two cities with public transport such as airport trains or buses. Most of the Zaventem sightseeing points are in Brussels and in surrounding areas. You can walk or go by metro to the city centre which is surrounded by historical buildings, the Grand Place and the city's iconic landmark the Mannequin Pis statue. Atomium, Royal Palace, Palais de Justice are the most popular of the landmarks in the park gardens scarterred around the city. In Brussels, where there are about 87 museums, Fine Arts and hobby museums are also great tourist attractions. From Brussels, the city of beer, chocolate and wafers, you can also take a short train ride to Luxembourg, Germany and France by train.

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