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The city of Zaqatala in Azerbaijan is among the most developed cities of the last period with its population of 18 thousand. There are a limited number of industries in the city center, where livestock and agriculture are very important.

Zaqalata is located in temperate climate belt; winters are long and snowy, while summers are cool in the city. The weather conditions, which vary between the mountainous area and the plains, are balanced in the middle areas. Qala Duzu attracts many visitors as the most important architectural structure of the city. Various activities take place every year regularly in the city, attracting attention with its different natural structures and historical texture.

Rice and salads are often preferred in the city of Zaqatala, where pastries are mostly on the counter. In the region where the effects of the Azeri cuisine are felt intensely, there are also examples from the Turkish cuisine. Zaqatala Folklore Festival is one of the important events of the city. Folklore tournaments are held among the people's teams formed by young people from various countries. Zaqatala Airport is the most widely used transport network to reach the city.

Transportation to Zaqatala City Center from Airport

Zaqatala Airport is located near the city of Zaqatala on the northwestern tip of Azerbaijan. Zaqatala Airport, which is located in the southern part of the Main Caucasus region, offers service with an international status. The distance between Zaqatala and Zaqatala Airport, which is famous for its 750-year-old plane tree, is 8.5 kilometers. It takes about 12 minutes to cover this distance by car. For the transportation between these two points, you can take a taxi or minibus. Renting a car is also among the options.


The fare that you will pay for your transportation from Zaqatala Airport to Zaqatala city center is approximately 7 AZN (4.5 USD). When you prefer using the UBER service, there is no additional charge. Another alternative in taxi transfers is purple colored taxis called "London cabin". You can travel from the airport by calling the number 189 which provides taxi service or by waiting in the taxi queue. Before getting on any taxi, you can bargain over the taxi price and have a more budget-friendly travel to your destination.

Car Rental

You can travel to the city center from the airport by renting a car according to your needs. The cost of renting a car may vary based on the vehicle type. You can find many different car rental companies at the airport. You can rent your car with a driver if you want. You can also prefer limousine or luxury transfer vehicles for a comfortable travel. You can get information about the prices of these vehicles by contacting one of the car rental companies offering service at the airport.


You can also use a minibus for your transportation to the city center. The cost of traveling by minibus is around 2 AZN and you make the payment while getting off the vehicle.

Hotel Transfer

In your accommodations in Zaqatala, you can benefit from hotel transfer option if your hotel offers this service for its guests. Some hotels offer this service for free. You can contact your hotel before your travel and learn about the details about hotel transfers.

Last Updated: May 06, 2018
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