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Ystad is located in the Skane county in Sweden's southern coast. The town is small but charming town, attracting both local people and tourists with its beautiful beaches. Ystad is a medieval town where the first settlement took place in the 12th century. The nature, the culture and the activities that the town offers promises lots of excitement. The Abbey Grabrodraklostret in Ystad known as Greyfrairs Abbey is a medieval former friary. It also has a special collection of local textiles and silverware. The abbey dating back to the 13th century is now used for art exhibitions. When you arrive you can visit this impressive building as well as a special exhibition. You should definitely visit the Ystad Art Museum which is included in the same ticket as Ystad Greyfriars Abbey. You can look at the collections of Southern Swedish and Danish art that will impress real art lovers, including the work of Per Kirkeby. The impressive building the Sankta Maria Kyrka Church with its baroque architecture from the 17th century to the present, is fascinating with its special church organ and acoustics. From the church's clock tower you can see a great view and a tradition since 1250s you will hear the sound of the pipe that the night watchman blows which makes you feel safe. Per Helsas Gard is one of Ystad's most iconic and magnificent buildings dating from the 1500s. You can spend a nice time in the area surrounded by handicraft workshops, art galleries and cafes. Scandinavia's oldest half-timbered house Pilgrandshuset dating from 1480 is a special building. You can spend a nice time here and you can capture great photos. Latinskolan, the oldest and best preserved school in Scandinavia is a 15th century brick building. You can visit the special structures of Ystad by going on a tour of the town. With the closure of the old military barracks and with its conversion to film studios, Ystad became the center of the Swedish film industry. Ystad Film Studios and Cineteket Film and Experience Center can be visited between May and September, where cinema lovers can enjoy guided tours.

In Ystad is where you will find special examples of Swedish traditional cuisine; fish, meat, potatoes and dairy products you should try from the menus. The national drink Aquavit, distilled potatoes and enriched spices is worth a try. In Ystad the summers are warm and the winters are cold. The best time to travel to Ystad is the first spring and summer months when the rainfall decreases.

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