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About Yaounde

Yaounde, the capital and second largest city after Douala of Cameroon, is located in the center of the country. The city, which is settled 750 meters above sea level, has a population of about 2 and a half million people according to 2012 data. Established in 1888 as a center for ivory trade and agriculture research by the Germans, the city gained the status of the capital of French Cameroon after World War I.

Cigarettes, milk and dairy products, honey, brick, glass and wood industry are developing in the city, which is also the center of cocoa, sugar cane and eraser industries. The city center is home to government offices, hotels, and central markets. Bastos district hosts the houses of locals of Cameroon, as well as foreign embassies and expatriate European communities. The Presidential Palace is located in the Etoudi region. Among the places can be seen in the city are the Notre Dame des Victories Church, the Cameroon Art Museum, the National Museum of Cameroon and the Sports Palace.

Weather in Yaounde

DayMin - Max
TuesdayMin 22ºC - Max 27ºC
WednesdayMin 22ºC - Max 28ºC
ThursdayMin 22ºC - Max 26ºC
FridayMin 21ºC - Max 29ºC
SaturdayMin 22ºC - Max 26ºC

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