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About Copernicus Wrocław Airport

The airport, which was opened as an air base in Wroclaw in 1938 by the German Armed Forces that occupied Poland before the Second World War, was used for military purposes throughout the war. The airport, which was put into service for the Soviet army for a short time after the war, was civilized and opened to scheduled flights in 1945. The airport, which was privatized by Polish authorities in 1992, began welcoming international flights a year later. The airport, where a new terminal building was opened in 1998, was named after the world-famous astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus in 2001. Expansion works, which were started in 2006 to meet the passenger demand starting to increase in 2003, were completed in 2012. Every year, two and a half million passengers fly from Nicolaus Copernicus Airport which has two passenger and cargo terminal buildings.

Getting to the City Center from Copernicus Wrocław Airport

Wroclaw, one of the developed and big cities of Poland, is located in the Silesian region in the southwestern part of the country. Wroclaw, capital of the Silesian region, is also one of Poland's strongest financial centers. The Odra (Oder) River, born in the Czech Republic and poured into the Baltic Sea, passes through the city and two sides of the city which are separated by a river is connected by two highway crossings.

Buses and trams are among the most popular public transport in the city. It is possible to travel around the city with only these two vehicles. The city has a tram line that is 258 kilometers long. The tram, which consists of 33 stops, provides easy access to all parts of the city.

Trams operate between 5 am and 11 pm on weekdays and between 6 am and 10 pm on weekends. Access to the places where trams are not available is provided by additional bus services. While the one-way tram ticket is 1.8 Zloty (PLN), it is possible to take advantage of all the transportation facilities within the city by paying 90 Zloty per month.

Polskibus and PK, which serve in the city, are the most preferred bus companies. Polskibus also provides intercity service. Suburban buses serve places where trams and central buses do not reach. Ticket prices for suburban buses are a bit more expensive.

The train is another public transport vehicle used in the city. The total number of trains departing from Wroclaw Glowny station in the day is 204, with 8 lines. Among them, 40 are intercity, 12 are regional and 152 are city trains. The first train from Gardan departs at 04.30 in the morning, while the last train departs at 23.50 in the evening. Ticket prices start from around 2 Zloty and increase according to distance, discount is given to children under 16 years old.

It is possible to buy tickets for all public transportation vehicles in the city from the gars, the stops, the booths or from inside the vehicles. The other vehicle that actively serves in urban transportation is the taxis. Taxi fares vary from 2 to 4 zloty per kilometer. You do not need to bargain with the taxi drivers because pricing is standard and does not change.

It's a good idea to pay attention to the pirate taxis. These taxis are not legal and may charge more. This means that you can give priority to the legal taxis waiting on the stands, not to those on the streets. You can pay attention to the fact that the taxi is licensed and legal if you are going to take one from the street. Licensed taxis have phone numbers and road tariffs on the car.

It is also possible to call the taxi via the internet, by text message, or by phone. Finally, you can also rent a bicycle to visit the city from the bike stations that the municipality has set up. Those who want to use this option can use bikes from minimum 10 PLN by registering with the municipal system over the internet.

Wroclaw Airport is approximately 13 kilometers west of the city. The diversity of intra-city transportation does not yet exist between the airport and the city center. Trains and trams go up to a certain point and the airport is reached by bus transfer from that point. Direct transportation between the airport and the city center is provided directly by taxi and private vehicles only.

The train route to connect the city center and the airport directly is underway and is expected to be completed shortly.


The bus is the first alternative as a means of public transport from the airport to the city center. It is not possible to reach the city center directly by buses. Buses depart from the airport leave you about 100 meters from the railway station where you can reach Wroclaw city center by train connection.

Bus number 406, which takes the passengers from the airport to the train station, is operating seven days a week. You can reach the train station in about 30 minutes depending on the traffic with the number 406 buses departing every 20 minutes from the airport. The bus number 406 runs until about midnight.

Bus number 249 operates from the night till morning. This bus departs three times from the airport, on 00.37, 03.18 and 04.19. Ticket prices vary between 3 and 3.20 Zloty; students are charged 1.20 Zloty for tickets. People over 70 years and children under 4 years can use the buses for free.


If you want to reach the city center directly from the airport, one of the options you can choose is taxi. You can reach the city by taxi without having to go by bus or train. When you land at the airport, you will find 3 taxi companies that serve legally at the airport. These are Ecocar, Partner Taxi and Taxi Plus. The taxi drivers of these three companies that serve legally do not accept bargains.

If you choose to have a taxi service to the city center, you need to pay a fee between 50 and 70 Zloty on average. Apart from that, taxis that do not serve legally also take passengers from the airport. These taxis can ask for an increased price. Therefore, it is more convenient for you to choose the taxis belonging to these 3 companies that serve legally.

Private Car

Apart from buses, trains, trams and taxis, you can also choose the alternative of car rental to get to the city center. You can see car rental parking lots belonging to various companies in front of the terminal. Avis, Europacar, Hertz, Sixt, Budget, Enterprise, Panek, Express are among these. You can contact these companies before arriving at the airport or before landing to find your car in front of the terminal waiting for you.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2017
Getting to Copernicus Wrocław Airport from the City Center

Transportation from the city center to the airport is provided by bus, train, taxi and private vehicles. While taxi and car rental method provided direct transportation, buses and trains provide transacted transportation. You can easily reach the airport by transferring buses from the city center to the airport by bus or train.


You can reach the buses that go to the airport via the train stations in the city. You can reach the stops of buses 406 and 249 that go to the airport from the Wroclaw central railway station. Dworcowa bus number 406 takes passengers to the airport seven days a week. Bus number 249 is available at certain hours of the night. The departure time for bus number 249 is 00.37, 03.18 and 04.19. Bus ticket prices vary between 3.00 and 3.20 Zloty, and it is possible to buy them from the booths, stops and vehicles.


One of the alternatives to have direct access to the airport is taxi. It is possible to see the taxis everywhere in the city. You can reach the taxis from various taxi stops, via call centers, or by SMS or phone by phone. Apart from these, taxis are also available on the streets. If you prefer a taxi from a company other than the three taxi companies (Ecocar, Partner Taxi and Taxi Plus) serving legally, you may face taxis who charge more. Taxi fares vary according to the place you take the taxi in the city center, but the fares of the taxis that serve legally do not exceed 70 Zloty.

Private Car

Other alternative for getting to the airport from the city center is renting a car. Avis, Europacar, Hertz, Sixt, Budget, Enterprise, Panek, Express companies serve in this area and you can reach the airport by a rental car contacting any company in the city center.

Airport Information

Wroclaw Airport offers a wide range of services, as well as easy access, to its passengers. Various stores, shops and restaurants in Wroclaw Airport accompany passengers on their journeys.

The airport hosts different stores in Free Access and Departure Hall areas. On the ground floor of the airport, you will see Free-Access stores and shops such as 1 Minute, Discover and Newsagent Ruch selling various souvenirs.

On the first floor of the airport you will also find shops and stores such as Virgin, Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value, Emanuel Berg, S & A Jewelery Design and Polski Folk. The airport is serving with different restaurants and cafes located on its ground floor, 1st and 2nd floors. The restaurant and cafés located on the ground floor are the Costa Coffee, Furore, Sami Swoi Restauracje Krawczyk, The Whitehouse, while Gate Bar and Flying Bistro Airport are located in the 1st floor.

On the second floor of the airport is the Spanish Legendario Restaurant. At the same time, the VIP, Business and Executive Lounge services provide modern and high quality service. The airport provides passengers with a comfortable rest and enjoyment before and after flight.

The airport is also home to a post office, a small church and a first aid center.

Last Updated: 05 Feb 2017

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