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Weligama, on the southern tip of Sri Lanka, is a coastal town with many wonderful beaches. The name of the town actually means 'sandy village'. The economy in Weligama depends on two main sources; tourism and fishing. It has a tropical climate, and the temperature in Weligama stays at around 26 degrees throughout the year with over 60% humidity. The dry season is preferred by visitors to make the most of their trip. Tropical storms can also be present in the monsoon season, other than the heavy torrential rain.

The 3-meter sculpture embossed on a rock face is believed to have been carved in the 6th century and is a must-see for any visitors to Weligama. Fisherman that use a long thin rod to catch fish are also something you will notice in Weligama, and just one of the beautiful visual silhouettes that the town has to offer. Taprobane Island is just 200 meters from the beach and has an impressive beauty. This rocky island offers spectacular views and is today run as a private tourist resort, and also home to a villa. If you’re interested, there’s a Snake Farm that you can visit around 14 km from the town center.

Surfing and diving are just some of the water sports activities you can do Weligama. There are also dolphin tours, and boat tours, that you can take part in. Don’t forget to check out the one of the spa centers that you will frequently come across. And if you like seafood, then don’t hesitate to taste some of the different fresh seafood in this region where most of the locals fish for a living

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