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Villach is a city located near the point where Slovenian and Italian borders coincide. It is in the federal state of Carinthia of the southern Austria. Although its history dates back to the Roman period, it was greatly damaged because of the bombardment during the Second World War. Villach, which has a great view thanks to the river flowing through it and the surrounding lakes, is an ideal city for nature enthusiasts with its relaxing and epic atmosphere.

Since there is no airport in Villach, Klagenfurt Airport, which is the closest airport and located 40 kilometers away, is used for transportation. It is also possible to reach the city from all big cities of both Austria and the surrounding countries by train. It is possible to tour the city center by walking, but the means of public transportation or taxis as private transportation vehicles can be used when needed.

Villach experiences the characteristics of the humid continental climate. The average temperature in the summer months is around 18-19 degrees, while the average temperature is around -3 degrees in the winter months. The city receives rainfall throughout the year. Villacher Fahrzeug Museum hosts many valuable antique items. History enthusiasts can visit the Stadt Villach Museum, where they can learn about the city's history from every aspect. Built on a high hill, Landskron Castle should definitely be visited with its wonderful view covering the Drau River flowing through the city and even the parts of the Alps within the Slovenian border. The castle lost a large part of it as a result of a fire.

Another alternative for wonderful city view is the historical bell tower of St. Jacob Church which is 94 meters high. Doll Art Museum, where you can see as many different toy dolls from porcelain dolls to cloth dolls, is a museum taking the attention of especially female visitors. You should go to Maibacherl for the thermal water baths, which were extremely popular even in ancient Roman period. Mountain climbing, golf, trekking and skiing are among the activities you can do in Villach.

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