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About Viareggio

Located in Tuscany Region of Italy, Viareggio, once a fishing town, has now become a quite luxurious holiday destination as the days passed. Popular beach resorts in the coastal area give hundred of thousands of visitors an opportunity to party till the small hours every summer. Moreover, the hills and farm-houses enable you to see the incredibly beautiful view of the town.  

Apart from being a popular coastal town, Viareggio is also famous for its carnival (Carnevale di Viareggio). Dating back to the 19th century, this famous carnival is a thematic festival that allows both domestic and foreign tourists to have a great time together during one month. Attracting the attention of world press as well, The Carnival of Viareggio is held in Viareggio during 5 days in a period from the end of January to the beginning of March. The streets of Viareggio become charming thanks to various people in amusing and colourful dresses. Before the parade, you should definitely drop by the stores that sell mask, hat, wig, and any other item related to the carnival. If you intend to attend this carnival, please note that it has an entrance fee. Also, do not forget to meet Burlamacco, the official symbol and mascot of the carnival.

If you are not going to visit Viareggio during this carnival, don’t be upset! Because there are plenty of activities to do and various places to see in Viareggio. First, you can start your trip by visiting the museum in which every little detail of the carnival are displayed. It is possible to get informed about the history of the Carnival of Viareggio in this Museum of Carnival, located in Citadella built by Francesco Tomassi. Here, you can encounter the figures and models made of materials such as clay and limestone, etc. Once the house of Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister, Villa Paolina Civic Museum was converted into a museum and it is now open for the art-lovers. Besides, there are rumours that the body of Percy Bysshe Shelly, the favourite poet of Napoleon’s sister, was washed up on the shore of this villa. 

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