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Vantaa, where people from more than 100 different nations live and more than 80 different languages are spoken, is one of the four cities comprising the Helsinki Metropolitan Region of Finland. Located quite close to Espoo and Helsinki, the city is also known as the satellite city of Helsinki.  2 squarekilometers of the city, which almost covers an area of 240 squaremeters, is occupied by water. The past of the city, also the center of logistics with the biggest airport of the country beside its international and multicultural characteristic, almost dates back to the Stone Age 7000 years ago. It was mentioned with many different names throughout the history and given the name Vanta in 1974; it is the 4th most crowded city of Finland today.

Museums, zoos, forests, parks, Middle Age Churches and shopping malls are quite common in Vantaa, where you will find a lot of different routes embellishing the daily life beside being a continuously-developing city of science. Heureka Science Center, a paradise for those interested in science, hosts both a science park motivating children and more than 200 exhibitions. While Artsi - Vantaa Art Museum attracts attention with graffitis and street performances of the modern age, you can discover the rich history of the region in the Old Railway Station - New City Museum in Tikkurila. If you are interested in airplanes, you can visit the Aviation Museum where you will see dozens of airplanes together.

The more distant you go from the city center, the closer you come to the history of the region. The Village of Sotunki is a rural environment ideal for seeing the nature of South Finland and the traditional farms, and if you wish, you can have an adventure in its forrests with guided tours. You are mesmerized by the Church of St. Lawrence built in 1460 and the stone mills in the Helsinge Parish Village by the Vantaa River. The historical Royal Road, which has a significant role in the past of Scandinavia, passes through this village. Juhannus Mid-Summer Festival, which is celebrated in June by lighting a fire at night, and Ankkarock Festival in August,  when lots of people come to the city, are the most entertaining time of the city.

Helsinki Vantaa International Airport is located on the northwestern foothills of the city. It is possible for you to cover the half-hour distance between the two cities by regular buses and trains. Or you can take the shuttles and taxis as a bit more expensive alternative of transportation.

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