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Unawatuna, which has the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka, is a coastal town located in Galle region of the country. The town, which is situated 5 kilometers southeast of Galle, is 5 meters above sea level.

Unawatuna is the most touristic destination of the country and its fascinating beach surrounded by very green palm trees attracts a great number of visitors to the town. The beach of the town, which suffered great damages because of the tsunami occured in the Indian Ocean in 2004, is still one of the best 100 beaches of the world with its renewed environment. The beaches of the town are among the most colorful diving points thanks to the richness of the coral reefs, shipwrecks, fish diversity and turtles. The shipwreck of Rangoon, a British ship that sank 100 years ago, is one of the most popular points of divers. Tango and Lord Nelson wrecks are also among the attractive points of the town. One of the features that make this town so special for divers is that 14 wrecks are in the same location under the water. If you are lucky, you can witness the unforgettable ceremony of the turtles laying their eggs ashore. While snorkelling in Buena Vista Reef, which has convenient waves for surfing, you can see the colors at the bottom of the sea. 

Yatagala Rajamaha Viharaya, which is the oldest rock temple of Sri Lanka and one of the most interesting structures of the town where you will meet the traces of a different culture as well as the perfectness of the sea-sun-sand combination, has a history of about 2300 years. This temple, which hosts a huge 9 meters high statue of Buddha and Japanese Peace Pagoda, is located in the west of the beaches. 

Sinharajaya Rain Forest is a very important area for Galle region and you can reach this forest from Unawatuna easily. These forests where hundreds of endemic plants, fish and animal species live, are among the factors that make this town special. You can join the guided tours to discover these nature treasures. Travelling the town with canoe is one of the most beautiful adventures that you can experience during your visit.

When you walk in the center of this town by getting further away from the beach region of this coastal paradise attracting attention with its natural beauties, you can come across with many small boutiques and restaurants. The city, where you can travel by using the traditional rickshaws, can be reached by rail road or land from other cities. If you prefer flying, you can use Colombo Bandaranayaka International Airport, which is located 150 kilometers of the town. You can travel to Colombo from the airport by using a means of public transportation and then reach Unawatuna by transferring to a bus, taxi or rental car. 

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