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Uddevalla is located in the Bohuslan region on the west coast of Sweden. The city, located on the Gulf of Byfijorden on the shores of Skagerrak Sea, is mostly remembered for the beauty of the sea shells on its coast. Even these shells called Skalbankarna are so famous that they make Uddevalla one of the world's most important cities. In addition to these 11,000 year old large crustaceans, there are also more than a hundred fossil species within the region.

The city looks like a green dream with its river, valleys and hills. Granite, which has been hidden under the earth in many parts of the world, shows itself as a rock in many parts of Uddevalla. The oldest buildings in the city date back to the 20th century because they were destroyed and rebuilt many times during the 18th and 19th centuries. Its proximity to nature and being the center of trade and culture increase the attraction of the city. In the city, which is also known as the heart of ‘Bohuslan’, the serenity of the peace is mixed up in the enthusiasm of exciting events. From the east to the center of the city, the 9-kilometer road is only open to pedestrians and bicyclists and you enjoy a magnificent view. Another way to explore the city is to take a boat tour. You can take one of the boats departing from the port to see both the beaches and the other beauties around. During this boat trip, you can watch the small islands, colorful bright coastal houses, and the wooden pedestrian bridge that stretches on the mountain side and the Uddevalla Bridge with its magnificent silhouette. Ljungskile, a part of the city, has a atmosphere that is good for both body and mind thanks to its spa and coniferous forests. Bokenaset is a spectacular landscape where these forests meet the deep cliffs on the edge of the fjord. Bohuslan Museum, which was founded in 1863 and which gives voice to the history of the region, attracts visitors with its activities and exhibitions as well as its collection of works. Its great seafood cuisine is one of the most attractive specialties of Uddevalla, which is a city of landscape.

The closest airport to this beautiful city of Sweden is Vanersborg Airport located in Trollhattan. The city center is 34 kilometers away from the airport, and you can go to city center by bus, taxi or by renting a car.

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