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About Tralee

Tralee is the capital of County Kerry of the south-west of Ireland. Tralee, located in the northern side of Dingle Peninsula, is the biggest town in County Kerry. It is the shopping and business center of both North and East Kerry. Moreover, it is a also known for its population of 24.000 citizens, the main of which are the students.

Even though it is a city whose business life precedes its tourism, it still manages to attract the tourists with its museums and shopping boulevards. The town also draws attention for its various festivals. The festival called ‘’Rose of Tralee’’ is named after and related to the famous Irish song, which has been an inspiration for so long. One of the young women in the town is chosen as “the Rose of Tralee” as per this festival held during the second week of each August.

Famous for its museums, Tralee has County Kerry Museum, in which you can indeed “breath” the Irish history. Tralee Bay Wetlands are also among the must-see places of the town with its well-preserved natural habitat.

In this town full of tourists, musicians and comedians, the horse racing has a great influence in this town’s getting more and more crowded, due to the fact that the races are held 7 times a day and twice in a week. It takes 15 minutes by car from the Kerry International Airport to Tralee. If you are in or nearby Dublin, you can get to Tralee by bus or train as well.  

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