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About Toshima

The history of Toshima, which is a special ward in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, dates back to 1930s. The ward has a population of about 300 thousand. This special ward, which took shape as a result of the combination of many Japanese neighborhoods, has become an important trade and entertainment center of Japan. In the ward, which has a cosmopolite structure, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Philippines and Europeans live together.

Ikebukuro, which is home to the entertainment sector of the ward, and Sunshine City, which is an important place for shopping lovers, are the most popular places of Toshima. While many fish types are exhibited in Sunshine Aquarium, theatre performances are displayed at Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. Fukuro Matsuri Festival, which has been held every year since 1968 and is among the traditional festivals of Toshima, welcomes more than 200 thousand people. Otsuka Awa Odori Dance, which is the popular festival of the summer months, offers a great atmosphere for the visitors. In addition, local dancers competing with each other with their special costumes add excitement to the festival.

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