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About Tihany

Tihany, which is located on the northern shore of the Lake Balaton, is a district of Hungary famous for its history and nature. Tihany is famous for the echo that has been existing since the 18th century. According to the legend, this echo comes from the cries of a young girl who died after a sad love story.

Benedictine Monastery and Museum, which is situated at a high point on Lake Balaton, has a magnificent view. In the monastery that reflects the Hungarian history, it will be useful to prefer a tour with a guide. The monastery is ideal for relaxing especially on hot summer days. Throughout the July and August months, there are KOGART exhibitions and ARTplacc festival. You must visit Tihany Gödrös Public Beach, Somosi beach or Sajkod beach in order to swim and spend time in the nature. You can also spend a wonderful day by watching the view of Belső Lake which offers a fantastic view of Tihany. Opened in 2016, the Ortorony Lookout Tower is a nice alternative to enjoy the view of Tihany. You can join a small boat trip around Tagore Promenade and have a good time on its marina having restaurants, shops and bars. Tihany is a town famous for its lavender. You can feel the aroma of Lavender in everything from ice cream to candles. You can taste lavender syrups and buy various lavender products in this beautiful town.

In Tihany, where you can taste the best dishes from the Hungarian cuisine including meat, fresh fish and foie gras, you can also find alternatives from the Mediterranean and European cuisines.

The best time to visit Tihany is the period between April and October months especially if you want to have a sea holiday.

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