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Tiberias, which is home to Lake Tiberias also known as Galilee or Kinnereth and the largest freshwater source in Israel, is a center of attraction for tourists thanks to its blessed lands and natural beauties. The only freshwater lake of Tiberias, which is known as Lake Galilee or Lake Kinnereth, has ten beach options for swimming. Among those beaches, HaTchelet Beach is one of the most intact one. Holiday Inn Beach can be a good choice due to its water sports and children's play areas. Beriniki Beach offers many camping facilities for those who prefer camping.

The Church of St. Peter, the Church of Scotland, the Greek Orthodox Church of the Twelve Apostles are among the most important historical and religious buildings located in Tiberias, which is one of the most important points of pilgrimage for Christian people. The Old Cemetery, which is still in use today, can still be an impressive stop to visit. You can enjoy the perfect view of the road, the ancient city named Katzrin and the synagogue from the 6th century by taking a private trip to the Golan Heights.

Magdala is a unique Sacred Land, an archaeological site and a first century town from the time of Jesus, which is also known as the hometown of Mary Magdalene on the shore of Lake Tiberias. It is the best-preserved synagogue of Tiberias and one of the newest archaeological discoveries. Magdala is known as an intersection of Jewish and Christian History.

You can find a wide variety and delicious alternatives from cheap street flavors to stylish restaurants in Tiberias. June and August months are the best time to travel to Tiberias, where temperature averages do not fall below 21 degrees throughout the year.

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