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Surrounded by the natural beauties on the foothill of the Tatra Mountains, and being mentioned most often in winter tourism of Slovakia, Tatranska Lomnica is one of the first destinations that comes to mind when you speak of skiing in Europe. In this town that gives you the opportunity to have a wonderful skiing vacation with its snow that can last for 5 months, mountain climbing is another popular activity when there is no snow. The ski resort of the town has various pistes for ski-lovers from all levels.  

Ski tourism investors who took big steps towards the development and modernization as per the demand growth in the town, also carry out a completely new project for the kids, namely Kamzikovo Indoor Fun Park. Due to the fact that the economic development of Tatranska Lomnica was provided by the ski tourism, the town receives visitors during winter the most. One of the most popular places of Tatranska Lomnica that could be visited for 3 euros, Ski Museum has detailed information about the prominent figures of winter sports and also exhibitions on the sports equipment.

Giving you the opportunity of being in touch with the nature, Tatra National Park is one of the 9 national parks in Slovakia and also the oldest, dating back to 1949. With its area of 738 square kilometre, this park makes Tatranska Lomnica more attractive, since there are trekking and hiking tracks, various mountain lakes and waterfalls. Moreover, you can encounter many endemic species such as Tatra chamois in this park.   

Taken under preservation by UNESCO in 1992, this park also has Tatra National Park Museum, located in Poland. With its 2.50 Euro entrance fee, this museum gives you information about the nature, history and ways of preservation in Tatra. Moreover, the museum officers sometimes organize exhibitions and film screening activities, and they also have a memorial area for the ones who put the idea of Tatra National Park and put it into effect. Also, there is a botanic garden, namely The Exposition of Tatra Nature located in the northeast part of Tatranská Lomnica. Thanks to this museum and garden, it is possible to get lots of information about the species in Tatra region.

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