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A city where mostly the Berbers live, Taghazout is located in the southwest of Morocco. It lies along the Atlantic coast and on the western foothills of the Atlas Mountains. The closest city to Taghazout, the first holiday town of Morocco, is Agadir at a distance of 19 kilometers and also 300 kilometers away from the mystical city Marrakech.

Besides tourism, petrol and fishing, argan oil production has great contribution to the economy of the city. Its visitors are mesmerized by the heavenly sunsets, huge waves of the sea, white-painted houses and colorful carpets. There are wonderful beaches surrounded by mountains between Agadir and Taghazout. Beaches of the city are beyond being a holiday town with the blue sea and clean sand and they are among the first addresses known by the best surfers of the world. The city is defined as the ‘Surf Paradise of Morocco’ especially with its 2-kilometer  long coastal area beginning from the Anchor Point reaching the Hash Point. Surf lovers come to the coasts of Taghazout in Morocco between September and April when the waves of the ocean reach the highest level.

Another adrenaline-filled activity of the city is 4x4 tours and you can join the tours together with a trainer. You can experience a lot of different views from serene coasts to sand hills in the desert and mountain paths. If you’d like to, you can take an oriental tour of Morocco on a horse or camel along the coast at beautiful sunsets. When you visit the Paradise Valley, another heavenly corner of the city, you come across a fall which has been flowing for thousands of years and you can enjoy the palm trees and the green nature exactly like a desert oasis in the valley formed by this fall. The market of Agadir is open six days a week to find illumination items made of argan oil, decorative products reflecting the authentic Moroccan culture, clothes and food. Approximately 300 shops are available in the biggest market of Africa and you can find whatever you look for in these shops.

There are almost as many yoga studios as surf centers in the city, which is also known with its mystical atmosphere and yoga activities performed in front of natural sceneries. The traditional baths of the city have a great role in tourism, too. When you go to the city in autumn and especially in September, you find calm beaches and reasonable accommodation prices. This season, when you don’t sweat or feel cold due to the wind coming from the desert, is an ideal time to visit the city.

The closest airport to land on when you are coming to Taghazout by air is situated in Agadir. You can reach the city center by taking  the local buses, taxis or renting a car.

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