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Located in the northwest of Poland and having a coast on Baltic Sea, Swinoujscie is one of the most economic touristic destinations of Europe. Having beautiful beaches, Swinoujscie also has a big port. Dating back to 1181, Swinoujscie was invaded for a couple of times by the Danish, Swedish and Germans. It became an industrial and naval base in the 19. century. Unfortunately, almost the whole city was devastated during the World War II; however, right after the war, Szczecin-Swinoujście Port was rebuilt. Today, it is possible to reach Sweden and Denmark from Swinoujscie by a ferry in a short time. The majority of the people are engaged in fishery industry in Swinoujscie. Therefore, it is possible to taste very delicious sea food as well as traditional local tastes of Poland. Swinoujscie is one of the biggest islands in Uznam region and is located within the borders of both German and Poland. Germans call it “Swinemünde”. The easiest way to get there is to use Szczecin-Goloniow International Airport. The main touristic attractions in Swinoujscie are: King’s Christ Church, Fort Gerhard, Fort Aniola, Western Fort, and Former Town Hall. The nightlife is more active during summer season in Swinoujscie. The most famous entertainment places are: Akwarium, Boss Pub, Royal Joker, Sfinks Pub, Hoangsan Bar, Osada and Promway Bar. Swinoujscie offers you accommodation options that suit each pocket. If you wish, you can either stay at a luxurious seaside hotel or prefer a hostel with a more reasonable price. There are mainly fish restaurants in the area. You can eat fish and chips as a snack in the cafes and restaurants especially around the beach. You can also take a tour with a bike on the Swinoujscie coast entirely, where you can cross the border to arrive Germany from Poland.

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