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Sutomore, which was known as Spizza during the period of Venetians, is one of the touristic coastal towns of Montenegro. The town was under the rule of Venice from 1420 to 1797, and the Ottoman Empire was effective for a short time in the town. Sutomore is crowded with holiday lovers especially on weekends thanks to its magnificent beaches and lively nightlife. Although most of the region's visitors come from the northern and inner parts of Montenegro, the number of visitors from the neighbor countries is also getting higher.

You can swim, dive and surf in Sutomore Beach, which is about 2 kilometers long, or just lie on the beach and watch the extraordinary scenery in the surrounding area. The region is generally preferred for summer holidays; therefore some tourist facilities close their doors when winter comes. However, this does not necessarily mean that life in the town is over. In the autumn and winter months, you can find affordable accommodation options in Sutomore and its surroundings, and relax in a calm atmosphere.

Sutomore, which connects to Sozina Tunnel and Podgorica, is located in the middle of the most important connecting roads of the region. Thanks to this, you can fly to nearby airports, and then easily come to the city through road connection. Sutomore, which is a favorite of young tourists from Serbia thanks to its bars, night clubs and beaches, is quite crowded during the summer season. But this can sometimes create traffic jams in the region. If you are planning to rent a car to travel around, do not forget that you can face crowded roads in high season. When compared to more popular places like Sutomore, Budva, it makes a difference with affordable prices. The fact that it offers a low-budget holiday opportunity allows European students to prefer this place rather than expensive destinations.

According to the 2011 population census, the town's population is just over 2000. However, with the arrival of summer season this number almost doubles. The majority of the population in Sutomore consists of Montenegrins. Those from Serbia and other European countries are other groups that live extensively in the region after Montenegrin origin.

The Sutomore climate is similar to the mild Mediterranean climate. The sun shines on the region almost all of the year. Cloudy and rainy weather generally shows its face in the town during autumn and winter seasons. If you are planning to visit to Sutomore during these periods, we recommend for you to buy an umbrella against the rain that can suddenly hit you in the town. In the summer season, it is unlikely to come across rainy and cool weather.

If you prefer to visit the historical places in the surrounding area while visiting the town, the starting point of you trip should definitely be the St. Petka Church, which is remembered with its stone-built door. The church is highly small, but it is worth seeing with thanks to its architecture that blends old and new in a wonderful harmony. The church is considered as sacred for both Orthodox and Catholics, and it is also a symbol of the local people's tolerance. The ruins of the old castle, which was built about 300 meters above sea level, are among the legacies of the Venetian rule. Most of the castle, which is the symbol of the medieval period in the region, has not survived till today. However, you can still visit the history of the Montenegrin coast to witness on your own.

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