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About Surrey

Surrey, a metropolis in Canada, is a city located in the south of Fraser River and the north of the USA border. Around 510 thousand people live in Surrey which is situated in the province of British Columbia of Canada. While 30 percent of the city population consists of Asians, the rest is composed of Latin Americans, Arabs, Aborigines and Europeans. Punjabi and Tagalog are the local languages spoken widely in the city along with English which is accepted as the official language.

Whereas the soldier statue in Heritage Square placed in the city center and considered as a symbol fascinates people with its brilliance, Cloverdale Library and Surrey Museum in the Historical Building of Surrey Municipality are visited by many people.  Botanical Gardens in Dart's Hill Garden are among the worth-seeing natural places of the city while Redwood Park, which helps the city breathe, is one of the favorite places for families thanks to its a-century-old trees and green environment. WinterFest, held every winter and hosts more than 15 thousand attendees, Child Festival, where children have a lot of fun, and Surrey Festival, which holds the biggest and most superb dance competition of North America, help the city attract local and foreign tourists every year.

35 percent of Surrey’s terrain, which has had available lands and been employed for agriculture for centuries, is used in agricultural production today. While a big part of the people in Surrey, whose earning is above the national income, deals with agriculture, important activities are done in the fields of healthcare, education and art in the city. Summers are very hot in Surrey, where it rains heavily in winters. In autumn and winter, the weather is quite chilly, and it rains heavily.

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