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St. Paul's Bay, which was named after Saint Paul that laid the foundations of Christianity in Malta 2000 years ago, is one of the most popular places in the country today. St Paul’s Bay was an ordinary small fishing village before, but as its long coastline, pebbled beaches, rich and varied cuisine and interesting architectures were discovered over time, its popularity began to increase day by day. Nowadays, it is a place of lively entertainment and nightlife. It has also places for people who prefer to have a vacation away from the crowd.

Until the early 1800s, almost no settlement was found in the north of the island of Malta. At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 200 indigenous people living here as fishermen. Even it is possible to see a collection of small fishing boats from those times in St. Paul’s Bay today. Bugibba and Qawra, which are connected to St. Paul’s Bay, offer the most opportunities to its visitors in terms of accommodation and eating. The other two regions, the Old Town and Xemxija, are slightly more expensive than Bugibba and Qawra. There are many places to shop in the Old Town where old buildings have been restored and provide services as hotels and authentic restaurants.

The town of San Pawl il-Bahar, with its original name, is located about 16 km northwest of Valletta, Malta's capital. Set in the Northern Malta Region, St. Paul’s Bay is the largest town in the Northern Region in terms of its area. One of the buildings identified with St. Paul’s Bay, where you can find examples from the magnificent architecture of Malta, is the historic tower called the 17th-century Tower, in which there is also a museum.

You can take a walk along Qawra coastline in the evening, which is one of the most popular places in the city. You can also visit the famous National Aquarium of Malta, whose fame has crossed the country's borders. At the seaside restaurants, you can taste much seafood and enjoy the panoramic view of the cafes. You can choose Bugibba region for being close to the central places and also for being economical.

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