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It is a town and a skiing center in the Rhodope Mountains in the southwest of Bulgaria. Located between the Cherna (“Black”) Valley and the Byala (“White”) River, Smolyan is in the foothills of the mountains in the south of the popular skiing centers Pamporovo and Chepelare. The town is derived from the word “smola”, which means “resin”, known as a Slavic Tribe. There are seven Smolyan places of worship in the town, which is famous for its ancient history. The Church of Saint Vissarion of Smolyan and the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral are among the biggest ones. In winter, a lot of tourists come to Pamporovo Ski Resort in the region for skiing.

In the History Museum, which has a larger and better organization that most of the regional museums of Bulgaria and hosts very colorful exhibitions, there are paleolithic works, Thracian weapons, among the striking works, especially a Thracian headguard and a bronze lamp. Meadows in the Mountains, the live music festival with the folkloric texture held in the foothills of the mountains, offers spending an amazing time with DJs and live music in the mountain.

With guided tours, you can explore the 330-meter-long paths in Uhlovitsa Cave located in 25 kilometers south of Smolyan and 3 kilometers northeast of the village Mogilitsa, which has magnificent rock formations and falls. The Smolyan Art Gallery needs to be visited by art visitors, because it has more than 1800 art works belonging to domestic and foreign artists.

If you want to head for quite adventurous exploration, you can reach Golubovitsa Cave first by taking a boat and then by walking. You can reach the cave only through guided tours, for it is a route that should not be taken without equipment and a guide. Pamporovo Ski Resort, the heart of the ski tourism, can be preferred by everyone, from beginners to professional skiers. Here, you can have a special ski holiday by yourself or with your beloved ones.

Meat dishes lead the dishes in the Smolyan cuisine. You can also try the special drink Rakiya in the cuisine, where you can encounter familiar dishes such as fried vegetables, kebab, stuffed vegetables and baklawa. The most appropriate time of the year for traveling to Smolyan is the period between December and March for those who will go skiing. For visitors who prefer cultural and natural expeditions, it should be visited between spring and summer months, which are more temperate.

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