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Sliema is small coastal town that faces Italy on the shores of Malta. The capital of Valetta is approximately 7 km away, in the south east of the town. It’s possible to go anywhere you want on the island from Valetta with the buses that depart from the main bus station. On the north western side of Sliema is the town of San Giljan. The distance from San Giljan to Sliema is only 3 km so it’s close enough to reach with a pleasant walk alongside the coastline while breathing in fresh sea air. The famous Paceville district is also in San Giljan and home to the most colourful night life where you can find plenty of nightclubs, bars, discos and gambling places.  

Sliema will make shoppers particularly happy. Other than the many shops inside the Point Shopping Center, there are also quite a few gift and boutique shops just outside it. One thing you should consider before you go shopping is the famous siesta and fiesta hours in this Mediterranean country; it’s best to plan your shopping between 10: 00-12: 00 or 16: 00-18:00. There are also some cafes and restaurants around the shopping areas where you can take a rest. Beautiful traditional cream-coloured Maltese houses with bay windows and doors painted in vivid colours will accompany you as you go around.

Malta has been under the influence of many different civilizations throughout history and has a very colorful kitchen as a result. There are many places where you can try some of these different tastes. If you want to add a bit of color to your holiday then you join one of the boat trips from the beach and take the chance to do some scuba diving.

There are two important things that you shouldn’t forget while you’re in Sliema. Firstly, there’s a strong catholic belief among the locals and so although they are very warm and welcoming to visitors, things such as topless sunbathing or excessive drinking arenot welcome. The second thing, if you come from a country where you drive on the right hand side then you should remember that the traffic here is on the left. Even if you aren’t planning to rent a car, you should be careful of oncoming traffic and the direction of public transport. 

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