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About Skanderborg

Skanderborg, which is known for its calm life, is a small Danish town with a population of approximately 25 thousand. Located 20 kilometers away from Aarhus, the capital of the region, Skanderborg is a favorite destination for those who want to escape from the city life and spend time with the nature.

In the small center of Skanderborg, you can easily reach many places by walking or get on a bike if you want. Wandering around the forest and places with lake view is one of the most enjoyable activities that you can do in the town surrounded by beautiful natural wonders. The main places to visit in Skanderborg are usually gathered in the small center. In the Skanderborg Museum, you can observe the local history of the region. The Skanderborg Castle and the old town houses are also worth seeing in addition to the museum that welcomes visitors in a small building located on main street.

In the town, which is home to many great events for music lovers, a big festival is organized in the second week of August every year. Smukkeste Festival, which is one of the important culture and art activities of Denmark, welcomes about 50 thousand participants. Travelling by small boats and canoes is a great way to get in touch with the nature in Skanderborg. In the town, you can also play golf, enjoy water skiing or watch exciting handball matches.

You can spend pleasant time in one of the cafes with lake view if you want to take a break and eat something delicious. In the cafes of the town, you can try coffee and tea alternatives as well as sandwiches and cakes. You can prefer the small hotels in the town center for accomodation.

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