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About Sitges

Sitges got its identity as a holiday destination in the 19th century and is 35 kilometers south-east of Barcelona, ​​in Catalonia. This beautiful town on the Mediterranean coast of Catalan is famous for its magnificent beaches and tourist resorts. The mild climate means the beaches are alive and vibrant throughout the year. It’s also popular for its narrow side streets that are typical of the Mediterranean, its vibrant nightlife, and tolerance towards homosexuality. The town, which Picasso regarded as starting point as base of the Modernism movement, is the most famous gay holiday destination in Spain. The town becomes active with beach parties in the summer, particularly in July and August, and then transforms into a cultural hub with the film festivals organized in October. The festival schedule for Sitges is quite packed; the International Fantasy Film Festival, where horror and science fiction fantasies compete, theater festivities, the Vintage Automobile Rally held in March, art exhibitions, the homosexual Carnival event organized in February, Patchwork Meetings, and firework displays, all bring different rhythms to the tempo of the town. There are also four museums in Kasabada where it’s possible to see works from different art movements.

On one side of the four-kilometer-long beach of Sitges are the grand houses from the colonial period. The coast is suitable for water sports. The palm trees, small boutiques, bars and restaurants that line the streets and give a colorful atmosphere to the town, and a lack of high-rise buildings, which aren't allowed, means you can enjoy the sky. The coast is ever dynamic with sailing and surfing races, and triathlon and beach volleyball tournaments. The Garraf Natural Park is great for bike rides and the Dos De Mayo Street is the most recommended spot to take a dive into the Sitges nightlife.

Sitges embraces tolerance towards everybody regardless of color, religion, language, or sexuality. The closes airport to Sitges is El Prat de Llobregat Airport in Barcelona. From Barcelona you can easily reach Sitges by train.

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