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Sinaia, which is one of the most beautiful towns of Romania with its wonderful atmosphere in all seasons, is located in a valley in the foothills of Carpathian Mountains. The distance of the town to Braşov is 50 kilometers. There is also a distance of 133 kilometers between the town and Bucharest. The town, which was once the capital of the Kingdom of Romania, is known as a ski resort thanks to its close location to Carpathian Mountains. In Sinaia, there are 7 ski slopes having different lengths ranging from 400 meters to 4 kilometers.

This mountain resort, where you will experience a temperature climate in winters and light wind in summers, is known for its natural beauties and healing hot springs. In the town, where you will see a villa-type settlement in different architectures, monasteries and village houses add differences to the city's silhouette. The Carpathians are just like a paradise for skiing and spectacular nature walks in addition to rock climbing. The walking tracks are marked by difficulty levels and you can also enjoy mountain biking in the mountains of the town. There is also a cable car system to carry your bike to the top points in the Carpathian Mountains in the Bucegi Mountains.  

Sinaia Monastery, which is one of the most magnificent structures of the town, is a history treasure remaining from 1695. The monastery takes its name from the Mount Sinai in Egypt which is important in the history of religions. There is a museum in the monastery which was opened in 1895. The Peles Castle is another important historical structure of the town. This romantic chateau which was constructed in 10 years, is one of the most beautiful structures of Europe. Around the castle which has 160 rooms, there is a large medieval neighborhood. The Bran Castle which is also known as Dracula Castle, is located 60 kilometers of the town.

We need to remind you that the town, which covers a small area with its surface area, can be travelled by walking but the roads of the town are very uneven. For this reason, you can prefer tourist buses for travelling the town. The closest airports, which you can land at in your transportations to the town by air, are Henri Coanda International Airport, which is 108 kilometers away, and Baneasa Aurel Vlaicu International Airport, which is 119 kilometers away. Both airports are located in Bucharest. You can evaluate one of the alternatives such as bus, train, taxi or car rental for reaching the town from the airports. 

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