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About Sayulita

A pretty fishing village of Mexico, Sayulita has tour boats on its coast each time of the year. Surf-lovers generally prefer Sayulita due to its heavy sea. In Sayulita, you can either take surf classes or directly start surfing by renting the equipment if you are an experienced one. This village has a perfect weather from November to April and has marvellous spots for the aquatic sports enthusiasts. There are also plenty of snorkelling and scuba-diving courses in this Sayulita.

Apart from being one of the places with ideal weather conditions, Sayulita offers you some other activities as well. You can find activity centres that help you about these various activities. One of the most popular activities are, no doubt, boat tours. If you come here with a group of your friends, you can spend a great time by taking a boat tour together. It is also possible to rent different types of boats in which you can take a trip privately.

If you are interested in zip-line, there are different zip-lines in various lengths in this region.  This exciting activity that lets you have a journey in the air via thick cables upon the supplement of the required equipment, will definitely be an unforgettable moment of your Sayulita trip. If you think touching the ground makes you feel better, you can take a safari tour with a quad bike either in the jungle or at the beach. Since Sayulita is a quite small village, the streets and beaches of Sayulita is very suitable for both biking tours or horse riding activities.

If you head Marietas Islands close to the Sayulita coasts, seabird-watching is an important activity here thanks to the various volcanic features of the islands. Yet, it is not an obligation to take this trip to watch the animals, since you can also come across unique species such as sea turtles and humpback whales on the coasts of Sayulita. You can even help the voluntary foundations that help the hatchlings get to the sea, since some of them might be late to reach the sea.  

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