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Sarıkamış is a stunning Anatolian mountain town in Kars, Turkey between the Caspian Sea and Aral Lake. Its rich history and ski slopes attract thousands of tourists each year. The site of conflict between Russians and Turks throughout the 19th century, the area remained under Russian occupation for 40 years. The clash of cultures left behind important historical vestiges. Czar Nicolas II’s hunting lodge, known by the locals as the “Czarina Katerina Mansion,” still stands on one of the highest peaks of the village. The magnificent building was built from wood and stone, without the use of nails. Towering stone fortresses and martyrs’ tombs afford a window into the Ottoman-Russian War.  Some of the most impressive castle-like forts include the fortresses of Zek, Micingirt, Kızlar (“Maidens”) , Zivin, and Yedi Kilise (“Seven Churches”).

The town’s altitude of over 2,000 meters and distance from the coast occasion a glacial climate with massive snowfall ideal for skiing. A national park and winter ski resort sit atop the Allauekber Mountains. 14 km of ski slopes are divided by difficulty level, and 4 lifts transport guests to the top. Hotels provide affordable cozy heated rooms and hot traditional Anatolian meat and vegetable dishes. Even in summer months, temperatures rarely exceed 15 °C (60 °F), so tourists should pack accordingly. Visitors can arrive on the famous daily “Eastern Express” train or by bus from the center of Kars, 56 m away, or Erzurum, 156 km away. The closest airport is Kars Airport, about 50 km away.

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