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Sandomierz, connected to the voivodeship of Świętokrzyskie of Poland, is a small town with a population approaching approximately 30 thousand people. Life is extremely calm and slow in the town which has been declared to be twin towns with Emmendingen from Germany and Volterra from Italy. According to the archeological ruins in and around the town, settled life started in the region thousands of years ago. Besides, the biggest development of the town in the economic and cultural terms dates back to the Middle Age. 

Doubtlessly, Market Square is the most lively and energetic spot of Sandomierz. While walking around the square known as Rynek, you may see the colorful buildings around it and take amazing pictures with your camera. Basilica of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is among the most remarkable works revealing the magnificent history of the town. During your visit to Sandomierz, do not forget to see Opatowska Gate, which has resisted to centuries, the House of John Dlugosz and vineyards. In the town, growing grapes has assumed a both economic and cultural role for a long time. 

After seeing certain places, if you can find enough time, try to visit Sandomierz Synagogue. Together with the old synagogue, St. Joseph Church and Bishop’s Palace are among the historical structures that are worth visiting. If you also want to listen to the history of the town from the residents here, you can attend walking tours organized by the local guides, and thus, you can obtain more information about the region. The historical town center, where you will see old buildings that have specifically witnessed the past years, statues and small shops are very much liked by the visitors. You will feel like you have gone on a time travel towards the Middle Age and Renaissance Period in the town, where the historical artifacts remaining from especially the 14th and 15th centuries are glamorous.

Do not forget to taste the delicious delicacies while walking around in the old town center. In the town cuisine that is also shaped by the German delicacies, soup types in winters and cold desserts in summers are quite popular. If you do not want to waste so much time by eating something, you can prefer walking around with the baked snacks in your hand as well. is highly possible for you to reach here highly easily by flying to the nearby cities around the town and then renting a car from the airport. If you prefer the tours providing transfer services, you can find yourself in the colorful streets of Sandomierz without any difficulty. 

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