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Shortly known as Garza Garcia or San Pedro, San Pedro Garza Garcia is one of the most popular regions of Monterrey. The region, which is also one of the largest and crowded places in the region in terms of its population, is home to many wonderful buildings. Some remarkable points of the region such as Chipinque Ecological Park are also located here.

The region, whose population has significantly increased in direct proportion to its development, is now a popular destination for many visitors. You can see the city's famous university and other educational institutions while walking on the streets of San Pedro Garza Garcia. Thanks to its shopping malls, churches and parks, you can spend pleasant time in the region during your trip without having to go to other parts of the city.

If you like Mexican tastes like burrito and taco, San Pedro Garza Garcia is a perfect place to try these delicious foods. Moreover, the presentations of these foods are also very attractive as well as their wonderful tastes.

The weather temperature in the region is generally at high levels throughout the year. If you do not like hot weather, you can choose a cooler period by looking at the weather forecast before coming to the region.

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