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About Sabah

Sabah is a small settlement located in the north of Bougainville Island of Papua New Guinea. Sabah, which is a hidden settlement between hidden bays, is certainly not a popular tourist destination. However, it is an attractive place for nature lovers and adventurers. Sabah, with its unspoiled natural beauties and small beaches, has the potential to make the visitors who love trekking, camping and diving happy.

You can try catching your own fish in this area having a great variety of fish types and cook the caught fish using local techniques. The people living in Sabah will definitely help you about this issue. During your visit, you will see that the fruit called ulu (breadfruit) and coconut are used in almost every dish. There is a wide variety of local dishes in Sabah and a rich cuisine for those who like to try interesting tastes. Chicken and fish are main ingredients of the Sabah cuisine.

In Sabah, the effects of equatorial climate are observed. The temperature measured around 25-26 degrees throughout the is accompanied by high humidity. In Sabah, there is plenty of rainfall all the year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Wingie offer the cheapest flights to Sabah?

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To which airport are the flights to Sabah arranged?

Sabah flights are organized to Sabah Airport.